NCERT Solutions for class 3 Mathematics Chapter-6 Fun With Give and Take

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths Chapter 6 Fun With Give and Take provided here is extremely helpful in revising complete syllabus and getting a strong base on it. NCERT 3rd Class Maths Fun With Give and Take all questions are solved with detailed explanation available for students. In this article we had given of NCERT solutions for Fun With Give and Take Class 3 Maths step by step solution for each and every question of the chapter. These solutions will also help you with your homework. Best teachers across the India created NCERT solutions for Class 3 Maths Chapter 6 Fun With Give and Take according to curriculum and pattern of syllabus as per guidelines of NCERT (CBSE) Books.

3rd Class NCERT Maths Chapter 6 Fun With Give and Take

Name of Organization NCERT
Name of Class 3rd Class
Name of Subject Maths
Name of Chapter Chapter 6
Name of Content Fun With Give and Take
Name of Category NCERT Solutions
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Chapter 6 Fun With Give and Take covers numerous Questions and answers from all topics and sub-topics which are given below

1.Ina cricket match, Sri Lanka made 235 runs. India has made 123 runs. How many more runs does India need to win?
Ans.To win India must make 236 runs.
Runs India needs to win = 236 – 123
Runs needed =113
To win India must make 113 runs.

Try it Yourself
1.Geeta had Rs 368 in her purse. She bought a book for Rs 123. How much money is left in her purse?

Can you help Nabeela?
1.Nabeela’s mother sent her to the market to buy some things. She gave her Rs 245. Nabeela bought 1 kg ghee for Rs 127. The shopkeeper gave her back Rs 98. Did the shopkeeper give her the right amount? (Kilogram is written as kg)

2.How much more money should the shopkeeper give Nabeela?
Ans.The shopkeeper had to give Nabeela = Rs 118
But he gave her back = Rs 98
More money should the shopkeeper give to Nabeela

Practice Time
1. Arvind has read 69 pages of a story book. Gauri has read 95 pages of that story book. Who has read more pages and how many more?
Ans.Gouri has read = 95 pages
Arvind has read = 69 pages
So, Gouri has read 26 pages more than Arvind.

2.Reena noted the electricity meter readings of her house.
Last month’s reading was 118 units. This month’s reading is 193 units. How much electricity did she use in one month?
Ans. This month’s reading = 193 Last month’s reading =118
So, she used 75 units of electricity in one month.

3.Solve the following:

4.Fill in the missing numbers in the coloured boxes

Let’s Deliver Letter
1.Postman uncle is ill today. Let’s deliver the letters for him.
Write the correct room numbers on the letters. Then find the rooms in the above building and circle them. Make a circle on room 455.

2.Find the Missing Numbers
Look at the number patterns. Write the missing numbers.
(a)100, 200, 300,——–,——–, 600,——–
(b)——–, 900, 800, 700,——–,——–,400,——–
(c)50, 100,150, 200,——–, ——–, ——–, ——–
(e)——–,25, 35, 45,——–,——–,——–
(f) 280, 260,240,——–,——–,——–,——–
(g) 125,150, 175, 200,——– , 250,——–,——–
Ans. (a) 100. 200. 300. 400. 500. 600. 700 .
(b)1000, 900, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400,300.
(c)50,100,150, 200,25Q, 300, 350, 400.
(e)15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65.
(f)280, 260, 240,220,200, ISO, 160,
(g 125,150,175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300.

Practice Time
1. Indu’s pencil is 15 cm long. Jyoti’s pencil is 8 cm long. Whose pencil is longer? How much longer?
Ans.Indu’s pencil =15 cm
Jyoti’s pencil = – 8 cm
=7 cm
So, Indus’s pencil is longer by 7 cm.

2.Ask your Papa or Mummy, price of 1 kilo salt——–. Price of 1 kilo sugar——–.Which one is more costly? How much more does it cost?
Ans.Price of 1 kilo sugar =Rs 2 2 (say)
Price of 1 kilo salt =Rs- 1 (say)
=Rs 12
So, sugar cost more than salt by Rs 12.

3. Ajay cooked chapattis in 25 minutes. Then he made daal in 15 minutes. How much time did he take to cook both things?
Ans. Time taken to make chapattis = 25 minutes
Time taken to make daal = + 15 minutes
=40 minutes
Total time taken to make both things is 40 minutes.

4. Chanchal sells school sweaters. In 2 days she sold some red, blue and grey coloured sweaters.
Look at the above and answer the following:
(а)How many grey sweaters did Chanchal sell in 2 days?
(b)Did she sell more red sweaters than blue sweaters in 2 days?

Ans. Yes, it can be found without using paper and pencil.

All the JKing’s Horses
1.How many of the king’s horses were taken away?
Ans. Four of the king’s horses were taken away by the clever visitor.

1.What numbers are we? If you add us both you get 100. The difference between us is also 100.
Ans. 100 + 0 = 100 and 100 – 0 = 100
So, one number is 100 and the second number is 0.

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