NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 Probability

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 Probability provided here is extremely helpful in revising complete syllabus and getting a strong base on it. NCERT 12th Class Maths Probability all questions are solved with detailed explanation available for students. In this article we had given of NCERT solutions for Probability Class 12 Maths step by step solution for each and every question of the chapter. These solutions will also help you with your homework. Best teachers across the India created NCERT solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 Probability according to curriculum and pattern of syllabus as per guidelines of NCERT (CBSE) Books.

12th Class NCERT Maths Chapter 13 Probability

Name of Organization NCERT
Name of Class 12th Class
Name of Subject Maths
Name of Chapter Chapter 13
Name of Content Probability
Name of Category NCERT Solutions
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Chapter 13 Probability covers numerous Questions and answers from all topics and sub-topics which are given below

Section Name Topic Name
13 Probability
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Conditional Probability
13.3 Multiplication Theorem on Probability
13.4 Independent Events
13.5 Bayes’ Theorem
13.6 Random Variables and its Probability Distributions
13.7 Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution