Indian Army Weapons Complete List

Indian Army Weapons Complete List: To clear any Defence Exam and not having understanding of Indian Armed Weapons is quite challenging. As a Defence Exam Aspirant, you will always have an upper hand in the examination and the SSB Interview if you have the newest knowledge about the force or the organisation you have applied for. In this page, we have offered you the current list of Indian Army Weapons.

The slogan of the Indian Army is “AKASHE-SHATRUN JAHI”. The flag of the Army AD features two horizontal bands of colours with sky blue colour on the upper part and the red colour at the bottom. The Sky blue colour depicts the background of the blue sky against which the Army AD weaponry have to operate and the Red colour symbolises sacrifice and chivalry.

Indian Army Weapons Complete List 2021

NameWeaponTypeCaliberOrigin CountryNotes

Indian Army Weapons: HANDGUNS

Pistol Auto 9mm 1AIndian Army Weapons Complete List_50.1Semi-automatic pistol9×19mm ParabellumIndiaStatus: In service, as standard side-arm of the Indian Army, manufactured under license by OFB, used by special forces in small numbers. 
GlockIndian Army Weapons Complete List_60.1Semi-automatic pistol9×19mm Parabellum AustriaStatus: In service, as Standard Special Forces pistol. 

Indian Army Weapons: SHOTGUNS

12 Bore PAGIndian Army Weapons Complete List_70.1Pump action12-gauge shotgunIndiaStatus: In service 
Heckler & Koch MP5Indian Army Weapons Complete List_80.1Submachine gun9×19mm ParabellumGermanyStatus: In service, used by Special Forces.
Micro-UziIndian Army Weapons Complete List_90.1Machine pistol9×19mm ParabellumIsraelStatus: In service, used by Special Forces. Micro-Uzi variant in used
SAF Carbine 2A1Indian Army Weapons Complete List_100.1Submachine gun9×19mm ParabellumIndia
United Kingdom
Status: To be replaced, all the remaining SAF Carbine to be replaced by indigenously built close quarter MSMC

Indian Army Weapons: ASSAULT RIFLES

1B1 INSASIndian Army Weapons Complete List_110.1Assault rifle5.56×45mm NATOIndiaStatus: In service (To be replaced), Standard assault rifle of the Indian Army. To be replaced by AK-203 and SIG-716 i
SIG-716 iIndian Army Weapons Complete List_120.1Battle rifle7.62×51mm NATO United StatesStatus: In service,
72,400 units of SIG716 i model in service. A second batch for 72,000 units are on order.
AK-203Indian Army Weapons Complete List_130.1Assault rifle7.62×39mmRussia
Status: On Order.
70,000 on order. 600,000 rifles to be manufactured locally by OFB in India. Will be the standard service rifle of Indian Army replacing old INSAS 
IMI Tavor TAR-21Indian Army Weapons Complete List_140.1Assault rifle5.56×45mm NATOIsraelStatus: In service, Standard Special Forces assault rifle
M4A1 CarbineIndian Army Weapons Complete List_150.1Assault rifle5.56×45mm NATOUnited StatesStatus: In service, used by special forces, including PARA SF and Ghatak SF and MARCOS.
T91 assault rifleIndian Army Weapons Complete List_160.1Assault rifle5.56×45mm NATO TaiwanStatus: In service, 1000+ unit of this rifle were bought.
Indian Army Weapons Complete List_170.1Assault rifle
Battle rifle
5.56×45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATOBelgiumStatus: In service, used by special forces including NSG, AFSOD and SFF 
AKMIndian Army Weapons Complete List_180.1Assault rifle7.62×39mmSoviet UnionStatus: In service, used by the Army 

Indian Army Weapons: SNIPER RIFLES

Dragunov SVDIndian Army Weapons Complete List_190.1Designated marksman rifle
Sniper rifle
7.62×54mmRSoviet Union
Status: In service, Standard Designated Marksman rifle (DMR). To be replaced by a 7.62mm NATO DMR under the Army modernisation plan
Steyr SSG 69Indian Army Weapons Complete List_200.1Sniper rifle7.62×51mm NATOAustriaStatus: In service, Standard bolt-action sniper rifle. 
IMI Galil 7.62 SniperIndian Army Weapons Complete List_210.1Sniper rifle7.62×51mm NATOIsraelStatus: In service used by Indian Army Special Forces snipers. 
Heckler & Koch PSG1Indian Army Weapons Complete List_220.1Sniper rifle7.62×51mm NATO GermanyStatus: In service, Standard semi-automatic sniper rifle used by Indian Army, NSG, MARCOS.
Sako TRGIndian Army Weapons Complete List_230.1Sniper rifle.338 Lapua Magnum FinlandStatus: In service, 40-50 units ordered, used by Para SF
Mauser SP66Indian Army Weapons Complete List_240.1Sniper rifle7.62×51mm NATOGermanyStatus: In service, Standard bolt-action sniper rifle.
Tikka T3Indian Army Weapons Complete List_250.1Sniper rifle7.62×51mmFinlandStatus: In service, used by army in small numbers.
Beretta Scorpio TGTSniper rifle.338 Lapua MagnumItalyStatus: In service
SIG Sauer SSG 3000Indian Army Weapons Complete List_260.1Sniper rifle7.62×51mm NATOGermanyStatus: In service, Standard bolt-action sniper rifle.
Barrett M95Indian Army Weapons Complete List_270.1Anti-material rifle.50 BMG United StatesStatus: In service, Small numbers used in anti-sniping role
VidhwansakIndian Army Weapons Complete List_280.1Anti-materiel rifle12.7×108mm, 20x82mmIndiaStatus: In service 
OSV-96Indian Army Weapons Complete List_290.1Anti-material rifle12.7×108mmSoviet UnionStatus: In service 
Barrett M82Indian Army Weapons Complete List_300.1Anti-material rifle.50 BMG .416 BarrettUnited StatesStatus: In service,used by special forces 

Indian Army Weapons: MACHINE GUNS

INSAS LMGIndian Army Weapons Complete List_310.1Light machine gun5.56×45mm NATOIndiaStatus: In service (To be phased out), Standard Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) of the Indian Army, Light machine gun derivative of the INSAS assault rifle. Contract signed in 2020 to replace INSAS LMG by IWI Negev Ng7
IMI Negev NG7Indian Army Weapons Complete List_320.1Medium machine gun7.62×51mm NATOIsraelStatus: In Service, All 16,479 are scheduled delivered in june-2021. Ng7 will replace all the Gun Machine 7.62MM IA still left and all the INSAS LMG.
Mk 48 machine gunIndian Army Weapons Complete List_330.1General-purpose machine gun7.62×51mm NATOBelgium
United States
Status: In service, 715 in service with Para (SF)
FN MinimiIndian Army Weapons Complete List_340.1Light machine gun5.56x45mm NATOBelgiumStatus: In service, used mainly by the NSG 
IMI Negev NG5Indian Army Weapons Complete List_350.1Light machine gun5.56×45mm NATOIsraelStatus: In service, Standard Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) of special forces, especially Para (SF)
MG 2A1
Indian Army Weapons Complete List_360.1General-purpose machine gun7.62×51mm NATOBelgium
Status: In service, Standard section-Medium Machine Gun for infantry battalions, Indian-made MAG 58 version. Also in service as the MG 5A (Co-axial) and MG 6A (Commander’s gun) with some armoured vehicles
M2 BrowningIndian Army Weapons Complete List_370.1Heavy machine gun.50 BMGUnited StatesStatus: In service, M2HB variant in service, used in small numbers

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