Will Smith Net Worth: Bio, Age, Height, Family, Spouse, Movies

Will Smith Net Worth 2023: Will Smith is a very popular personality and thousands of people want to know about him, if you are one of them but not getting all the details about him like Will Smith Net Worth 2023 Bio Salary/income, Age, Career, Family, Spouse, Movies and much more then you are at the right place as today we will share all the details about him.

One of the world’s wealthiest actors, Will Smith is worth $350 million. American actor, rapper, and songwriter Will Smith is 54. He’s one of the career’s most beloved actors, loved by millions.

Will Smith Networth 2023

In 2023, Will Smith earned $350 million from movies, brand endorsements, and other sources. Will Smith earned money from a young age, but he didn’t learn to pay taxes, so he paid almost 2/3 of his TV series’ first season earnings in taxes. Rapper Will began his career. His films made Will Smith famous. Men in Black, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Suicide brought him fame.

Will Smith Net Worth

Will Smith 2023 Bio, Age, Career, Family, Spouse

Name Will Smith
Real Name William Carroll Smith Jr
Date of birth 25 September 1968
Age 54 years old
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S
Educational qualifications High School
Wife Name Sheree Zampino​ ​ (marriage-1992 and divorce-1995)​ Jada Pinkett ​ (marriage-1997)
Parents Father- Willard Carroll Smith, Sr.,Mother- Caroline Bright
Profession Actor, film producer, rapper
Religion Christian
Height & Weight 1.88 m
Salary/income About  $80 million/annum
Net Worth 2023 about $350 Million

Will Smith Early Life

William Carroll Smith Jr. was born in Philadelphia on September 25, 1968. Friends, family, and acquaintances called Smith “Prince” due to his habits. He started rapping at 12 and lost interest in age. He abandoned career for rap. He befriended Jeffrey Allen Townes.

Jeffrey became “DJ Jazzy Jeff” and Smith “Prince” as they collaborated. The 1986 hit “Girls and Nothing” was their first. Smith’s 1987 debut album, “Rock the House,” was successful. Smith became a millionaire overnight with the album. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince collaborated on several hit albums and songs.

Will Smith’s Net Worth and Salary?

Will Smith is a rapper, film producer, and actor. Will Smith is currently worth $350 million. Will Smith earns $40 million to $80 million per year from his various endeavors. Will made $45 million from film salaries between June 2019 and June 2020.

Will made $20–30 million per career in the 2000s. Netflix has paid him huge single-film salaries in recent years. “Bright” and its sequel earned him $20 million and $35 million, respectively. “King Richard” earned him $60 million and an awkward Academy Award with bonuses.

Will Smith’s Career/Movies

Will Smith’s 1988 Grammy for “Parents Just Don’t Understand” brought him fame and money. In 1990, Smith got a TV show due to his popularity. Smith’s life resembled ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. 6 seasons were aired. He continued rapping with DJ Jazzy Jeff. In 1992, he began appearing in films like “Made in America” while working in TV.

He played the lead in the 1995 big-budget film “Bad Boys” as a policeman. His performance made this film a hit. He became a Hollywood hero in 1996’s “Independence Day” as an Air Force pilot. Despite the success of “Men in Black” in 1997 and “Enemy of the State” in 1998, he kept making music. Ali, the boxer biopic, earned him an Academy Award nomination in 2001. Men in Black 2, Bad Boys 2, Robot, and Hitch were also successful.

The Pursuit of Happyness earned him a 2006 Best Actor Oscar nomination. Will Smith’s presence guaranteed a hit. “Suicide Squad” in 2016 was his biggest hit.

Will Smith Controversy

Will Smith punched host Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, 2022. In fact, Will Smith punched Chris Rock onstage during the show after Chris made a joke about his wife. Smith then resigned from the Academy. The Academy banned Will Smith from the Oscars for over 10 years on April 8, 2022.


  • Filmed “Fresh Prince” broke.
  • For three seasons, IRS took 70% of his pay.
  • The world’s highest-paid actor
  • Earned hundreds of millions from film salaries
  • “MIB3” earned $100 million.
  • Owns $100 million in property with Jada.
  • “King Richard” made $60m.
  • “Emancipation” earned $35 million.

Will Smith earned the following movie salaries:

  • Bad Boys: $2 million
  • Independence Day: $5 million
  • Men In Black: $5 million
  • Enemy of the State: $14 million
  • Wild Wild West: $7 million
  • The Legend of Bagger Vance: $10 million
  • Ali: $20 million
  • Men In Black 2: $20 million plus 10% of gross
  • Bad Boys 2: $20 million + 20% of gross
  • I, Robot: $28 million
  • Shark Tale: $15 million
  • Hitch:$20 million
  • Pursuit of Happyness: $10 million + 20% of gross
  • I Am Legend: $25 million
  • Hancock: $20 million 20% of gross
  • Bright: $20 million
  • Bright 2: $35 million
  • King Richard: $60 million
  • Emancipation: $35 million


Smith released four solo albums, two of which went platinum, while making films. Smith won two consecutive Grammys for Best Rap Solo Performance for “Men in Black” and “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.”


“Ali” and “The Pursuit of Happyness” earned Smith Academy Award nominations for portraying real people. Smith has two BET Awards, one Image Award, four MTV Movie Awards, and two People’s Choice Awards.


Will Smith has $350 million. One of the highest-paid actors of the last twenty years, he earned hundreds of millions of dollars in move salaries alone. Will and Jada have a large national real estate portfolio.