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List of Cyclones in India

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A Tropical Cyclone is a fast-rotating storm system with a low pressures, a closed low air circulation, strong winds and a spiral of heavy rain or squalls.

List of Indian Cyclones

1. Tauktae Cyclone
It is the first cyclone storm from the Arab Sea in 2021. On 17 May 2021, it hit the south of Gujarat and was classified as a very serious cyclonic storm (VSCS). Warnings were issued for Porbandar, Amreli, Junagarh, Gir Somnath, and the coastal districts of Ahmedabad.
On 17 May 2021, after rainfall and rainfall in the city, Mumbai Airport was closed until 2 p.m. The Bandra-Worli sea link in Mumbai has been closed. In addition, there were five temporary shelters in 24 wards of Mumbai and three NDRF teams were alerted.
2. Yaas Cyclone
The cyclone Yaas storm formed in Bengal Bay and struck western Bengal and adjacent coasts in May 2021. The cyclone’s name is given by Oman. Deep depression over Bengal’s east-central bay has increased to ‘Yaas,’ and about six hundred kilometers from Port Blair.

3. Nisarga Cyclone

Cyclone Nisarga was the second Arab Sea pre-monsoon cyclone. It weakened in 6 hours and hit Alibag in Mumbai. It was Mumbai’s first cyclone since Phyan in 2009. In Maharashtra, the cyclone caused 6 deaths and 16 injuries.

4. Amphan Cyclone

Cyclone Amphan was a powerful tropical cyclone leading to life and property destruction in the Indian Odisha and Western Bengal states. Cyclone Amphan was the first pre-monsoon supercyclone from the Bay of Bengal in this century.

5. Kyarr Cyclone

The second-strongest tropical cyclone since cyclone Gonu in 2007 was Cyclone Kyarr. Cyclone Kyarr developed in the Arabian Sea and moved from the Indian coast to the Gulf of Aden. It hit Western India, Oman, Socotra, Somalia and the United Arab Emirates.

6. Maha Cyclone

Cyclone Maha was an extremely severe cyclone storm, which became very intense when it moved along the Indian coast. When it approached Gujarat, the cyclone weakened. Cyclone Maha landed near Gujarat as a depression which subsequently weakened.

7. Vayu Cyclone

Cyclone Vayu was born in the Arab Sea and was a very serious cyclonic storm, causing moderate damage to lives and land in Gujarat. Cyclone Vayu was the most powerful cyclone in the state since 1998. Cyclone Vayu also affected Maldives, Pakistan and Oman with India.

8. Hikka Cyclone

Cyclone Hikka came from the Arabian Sea and became intense and struck Oman. In 2019 there were four cyclones from the Arab Sea: Kyarr, Maha, Vayu and Hikka.

9. Fani Cyclone

The Cyclone Fani has been Odisha’s strongest tropical storm since 1998. Cyclone Fani was born in the Indian Ocean, causing a massive destruction of life and property in Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and East India. It hit Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka outside India.

10. BOB 03

A depression was formed in Bay of Bengal and it was named BOB 03 by the Indian Meteorological Department. The very next day after the identification, the BOB 03 struck the north coast of Odisha-West Bengal, causing massive destruction.

11. Bulbul Cyclone

Cyclone Bulbul was a very serious cyclonic storm in India that struck West Bengal. It caused huge precipitation, floods, etc., leading to life and property destruction. It hit Bangladesh outside India.

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