Why the Celtics Are the Favorite to Land Kevin Durant

Boston sports radio was in a frenzy after it was reported that the Celtics and Nets have engaged in serious trade talks regarding Kevin Durant.

The rumour that the Celtics and the Nets have reportedly engaged in serious trade talks involving Kevin Durant has set the NBA community ablaze since it was first reported on Monday morning.

There has been no shortage of commentary on the matter on Boston’s sports radio shows, which is to say that this is not surprising. What they have been saying can be summarised as follows:

Concerning the viability of making a trade

Diverse opinions were voiced in response to the prospect of trading Durant for Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, draught picks, and possibly one more player who would be part of the rotation. Members of the cast of 98.5 The hosts of “Toucher and Rich” on The Sports Hub were in complete agreement that the trade would be beneficial for the Boston Celtics.

Why the Celtics Are the Favorite to Land Kevin Durant

Why the Celtics Are the Favorite to Land Kevin Durant

Rich Shertenlieb, a cast member on the show, was quoted as saying on Monday morning that “now that they’ve got Malcolm Brogdon, I think that’s a deal you have to make if you’re Brad Stevens.”

The sentiments expressed by Shertenlieb were echoed by co-host Jon Wallach, who stated, “I don’t see how you can’t do this. It makes way too much sense for both camps, and both sets of supporters could be convinced to go along with it. The Celtics have acquired one of the best players on the planet, while the Nets have received a return package that is satisfactory.

The voice of 98.5, Tony Massarotti The radio show “Felger and Mazz” on The Sports Hub suggested that the Boston Celtics should trade Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant if it is determined that the relationship between Brown and the Celtics cannot be repaired.

According to Massarotti, “if Jaylen Brown is going to leave, and you [the Celtics] can get four years of Kevin Durant right now for doing it, then you do it.”

The initial reactions of the co-hosts on “The Greg Hill Show” on WEEI were diverse and contradictory. His co-hosts Hill and Courtney Cox, as well as producer Chris Curtis, were not so sure, calling Durant’s history of dealing with pressure from fans into question. However, former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins supported accepting Brooklyn’s reported offer for Durant.

Regarding the suitability of Durant for Boston

When evaluating Kevin Durant’s potential fit with the Celtics, Curtis focused on his mental fortitude, saying, “If I were to pick one sort of mental framework to say that that guy couldn’t work here [in Boston], Kevin Durant is the prototype.” Burner maintains a presence on Twitter but is unable to deal with fans who are critical of him.

98.5 Christian Arcand from The Sports Hub expressed scepticism about whether or not Kevin Durant would be able to integrate well with the team. He explained why he would not make the deal by stating that “there is no guarantee that [Durant] and Tatum find a way to get along.” He was referring to the fact that there was no assurance that the two would get along. From the point of view of a team, there is no assurance that it will be successful.

Massarotti and his co-host Michael Felger were both unsure about whether or not Durant would be a good fit with the Celtics, despite the fact that they agreed that the Celtics should get Durant if they are going to trade Brown.

Felger was quoted as saying, “I don’t know if it’s a perfect fit.”

Massarotti shared the same sentiment, stating that it would send a “bad message to Tatum” to play Durant in front of Jayson Tatum on the court.

Massarotti was also curious about whether or not Tatum and Durant would be able to complement each other well on the court. He stated, “I’m not sure that all of their games are compatible with each other.” “Their games are relatively comparable, with the exception of the difficulty component. Both of these players are the kind of offensive players you want to have the ball in their possession when the play begins.

However, Wiggins of “The Greg Hill Show” pointed to the relationship between Tatum and Durant in order to support the possibility of a trade between the two players. He stated that “the way that that Durant talks about [Tatum], I can easily see them putting their egos to the side” in reference to the potential trade.

In regard to Jaylen Brown

Even if Boston is unable to complete a trade for Kevin Durant, hosts from all over the city shared their thoughts on what these trade talks could mean for the future of Jaylen Brown.

Greg Hill posed the following question to his fellow hosts: “If the deal doesn’t go through, do you think you’ll have any problems moving forward with Jaylen Brown?”

Wiggins gave an affirmative response and stated that he believed the following to be true: “You have a bigger issue if the deal does not get done, so you need to make this deal.”

On Monday, this topic was also discussed by Rich Keefe, co-host of the show “Gresh and Keefe” on WEEI. It was a mistake for the Celtics to include Jaylen Brown in their trade offer for Kevin Durant. “That is a mistake, in my opinion,” Keefe stated. The fact that you have already put an end to Jaylen Brown’s time in Boston is easily the most regrettable aspect of this. It’s just a question of determining exactly when that date will be, but everything will soon be over.”

Brown’s ominous tweet in response to the rumours served as fuel for Felger and Mazz’s lengthy conversation about a possible growing rift between Brown and the Celtics as a contributing factor to the trade offer. Brown’s tweet was a reaction to the rumours.

Michael Felger, the co-host of the show, speculated that the reason the Celtics aren’t offering Jaylen Brown in exchange for Kevin Durant is because they want Durant themselves. “They’re offering Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant because Jaylen Brown doesn’t want them [the Celtics] and they need to get something for him,” said a source close to the situation. “They’re offering Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant.”