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Why I Killed Gandhi, Book PDF

The Why I Killed Gandhi Book contains the original statement made by Nathuram Godse (Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin). The author is Nathuram Godse’s real brother, and he recounts all of the events that occurred from the day of the assassination to the day Nathuram Godse was hanged.

This book also discusses the public and political reactions that arose as a result of the killing, as well as Nathuram Godse’s formal court statement. Why I Killed Gandhi is a narrative of the events leading up to the historic day of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination and Godse’s execution.

Why I Killed Gandhi: A Book Summary

In a simple narrative, the author reveals the history of that critical occasion on January 30, 1948. Not just a recounting of events, but an investigation of the ideas, motivations, and convictions that coalesced in that pivotal moment.

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