What did the guests eat at Mukesh Ambani's party?

Anant Ambani's pre-wedding function, which lasted three days, was widely discussed. Veterans from film, business, and sports took part in this celebration. A unique food menu.  

All guests were served special dishes. Chef Bhargava revealed the entire menu.  

He stated that the entire menu had been created with the guest in mind. There have also been precautions taken to ensure that no one has any allergies.  

Aside from traditional Gujarati dishes, this time the focus has been on foreign and English cuisine.  

All food is vegetarian. This includes Dimsum Root Vegetable, Spicy Mushroom Gyoza, Edible Gold Dumplings, and Crispy Tofu Bao.  

The snacks menu also includes Thai Lotus Chips, Avocado Pizza, Open Nori Tako, Sushi Rice, Corn Tartar, and Tanuki.  

The food is mostly Chinese and Thai, including avocado rolls. Truffle was included in the dessert.  

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, are also invited to this celebration, and the menu has clearly been chosen with everyone's preferences in mind.  

Foreign singer Akon arrived in India today (Sunday) to perform on the final night of the celebrations.