Nita Ambani's speech about her daughter-in-law Radhika

Anant and Radhika's pre-wedding celebrations have been going on in Jamnagar for the past three days. Everyone is present there. Videos are constantly appearing on social media. Nita Ambani gave a speech.  

Meanwhile, a video of Nita Ambani's speech has gone viral. He said many things in the name of his future daughter-in-law, Radhika. Nita Ambani said, "When I met Radhika for the first time, I knew Anant had found his soulmate."  

I have another daughter who enjoys dancing like me and adores Anant. Radhika, we warmly welcome you to the family.  

You're Ambani's daughter. You are not only Anant's partner, but also a source of light in the lives of my mother, aunt, daughter, aunt, and all of us.  

Anant, God has sent you, and my heart is overjoyed. You may have been the youngest in the house, but your heart was pure. Your knowledge is amazing  

Not only that, Nita Ambani mentioned Anant's Vantara project in her speech. It was also explained how Anant came to have such a strong affection for animals.  

Let us inform you that Mukesh Ambani was seen becoming emotional after listening to Nita's speech. Isha was seen with her daughter, Adia. Radhika, however, smiled.