Critically Acclaimed Indian Films on Netflix

"Life in a... Metro" explores the complexities of relationships in Mumbai's intertwined urban lives with a realistic narrative and stellar ensemble cast.

Life in a... Metro (2007) 

The movie "Rock On!!" is about a rock band getting back together, and it has soulful music, relatable friendship themes, and heartfelt performances. It's a welcome addition to Indian cinema.

Rock On!! (2008) 

"Masaan" explores Varanasi's intersecting lives, addressing social taboos and personal struggles with poetry. Its powerful storytelling and nuanced characters have garnered praise.

Masaan (2015)

Zoya Akhtar's "Luck by Chance" offers a glimpse into the cutthroat world of Bollywood, telling a compelling story about ambition, fame, and the cost of success through standout performances and a sharp script.

Luck by Chance (2009) 

A poignant tale with a keen eye for storytelling, "Bulbul Can Sing" follows a teenage girl's struggle with societal norms and personal identity in Assam.

Bulbul Can Sing (2018)

The coming-of-age drama "Udaan" skillfully depicts the complexities of familial bonds and the pursuit of one's dreams through a teenager's strained relationship with his authoritarian father.

Udaan (2010)