7 Anime To Binge Watch This Weekend


True to It's Title

Anweshippin Kandethum by Darwin Kuriakose completely lives up to its title. “If you seek something, you will find it,” says the title, and the sub-2-hour-30-minute story stays focused on what it “seeks”.

Direction Saves The Film

Though not innovative, the thriller works due to excellent direction and technical work. Debutant filmmaker borrows Jinu V. Abraham's meticulous script and adds a moody, edgy touch that makes a police procedural memorable.

Not As Thrilling

That Feluda reference—of the story now belonging to a different suspense-writing era—becomes more apparent at the climax or resolution, which seems a little convenient.

Deserves a Thumbs Up

Because of its makers' clarity. In Pusuit eliminates the frills and redundant ruminations of modern murder mysteries to create an engaging and tantalizing film.

Debutant Filmmaker

Darwin Kuriakose uses a True Detective-like visual grammar to transport us to Chingavanam's crowded but beautiful lanes. It's captivating how the debutant director works here.

Worth Our Time

Darwin Kuriakose's gaze is unique, even though this film's core has been found in many other films in this (now-dead) genre. Saiju Sreedharan's editing enhances the experience.