7 Life-Changing Philosophical Movies 

Photograph (2019)

Amazon VideoIn order to make his grandmother happy, the story is about a street photographer who gets a stranger to pose as his fiancée. The movie looks at identity, connection, and the search for happiness in modern-day Mumbai through the unlikely relationship between these two people.

Masaan (2015) 

Disney+ HotstarThis Varanasi drama explores love, loss, and redemption through several characters. It explores social taboos and human relationships, making viewers consider life's fragility and happiness.

Ship of Theseus (2012) 

This philosophical drama weaves together three stories that make you think about who you are, what is right and wrong, and how everything in life is connected. The movie makes you think about existential issues and what it means to be human through stories that make you think.

The Fountain (2006) - Prime Video 

This visually stunning film explores love, death, and immortality through three parallel stories set in different time periods. Aronofsky takes viewers on a metaphysical journey of transformation and transcendence.

Synecdoche New York (2008) - N/A 

There's something different about this movie; it's more like a mental journey that can leave an impression that lasts, making you think about your own life and maybe even motivate you to live more honestly.

Yes Man (2008) - YouTube Rent 

As Carl Allen, Jim Carrey says "yes" to everything to change his life. Carl's life changes as he adopts this new philosophy, bringing personal growth, new opportunities, and meaningful connections. The idea is life-changing if you try it.

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) - SonyLiv 

I think it's a beautiful example of humanistic nihilism. It doesn't mean that nothing should matter to us that nothing does matter. Things that you do do have results. Also, Ke Huy Quan's Monologue ends the discussion about what it means to be a man. Changing my life a lot.