7 best films directed by S. Shankar


Enthiran (2010) 

Shankar's creative direction elevates Indian film with a breakthrough story of artificial intelligence and its effects. 

Sivaji: The Boss (2007) 

Shankar tells an exciting story of a man's fight against corruption, flawlessly combining action and social commentary to create a fascinating film experience.

Mudhalvan (1999) 

Shankar's direction is great as he deals with the complicated issues of political power and duty. The drama is gripping, and the performances are powerful.

Anniyan (2005) 

Shankar explores the human mind in Anniyan, a suspenseful psychological thriller.  

Jeans (1998) 

In this visually breathtaking love play, Shankar shows his storytelling skills with a wonderful story.  

Indian (1996) 

This vigilante drama confronts social issues with a gripping storyline and outstanding acting, demonstrating Shankar's directorial skills.  

Nanban (2012) 

Shankar's delicacy and heartwarming tale of friendship and progress in Nanban provide the coming-of-age genre a new viewpoint.