The Hindu Vocabulary for Competitive Exam: 18 Sept 2020

homogeneous/ adj.
If something is homogeneous, it is made up of things which are all the same.
Ex: All of the houses on Victor’s block were boring and homogenous.

obstruct / verb
To obstruct something means to get in its way.
Ex: The car broke down on the road and obstructed traffic for hours.

plunge / verb
To plunge means to move down into something very quickly.
Ex: The water in the pool was very cold, but the boy plunged in anyway.

prolong / verb
To prolong means to make something last for a longer time.
Ex: Sandy walked slowly across the beach, trying to prolong her lunch break.

publicize / verb
To publicize is to make something get a lot of attention.
Ex: The company publicized the job positions in the newspaper.

sparse / adj.
If something is sparse, there is not very much of it in a big area.
Ex: Rob spent Saturday in his garden, clearing out the sparse weeds.

surplus / noun
A surplus is an extra amount of something.
Ex: The store sold their surplus items on sale.

theorize / verb
To theorize means to develop ideas about something.
Ex: They enjoyed theorizing about how things worked.

verify / verb
To verify means to find out if something is true.
Ex: Julian called the movie theater to verify that the movie started at nine.

vigorous / adj.
If something or someone is vigorous, they use a lot of energy.
Ex: Henry uses vigorous exercise to keep himself in shape.


Respite- विराम
Triad- त्रिमूर्ति
Laborious- परिश्रमी
Task- काम
Peripheral- दूसरे दर्जे का
Towed- घसीटना
Stance- रवैया
Retreat- पीछे हटना
Widespred- दूर दूर तक फैला हुआ
Dictatorial- दबंग, तानाशाही
Gag- बोलने की आजादी पर प्रतिबंध
Browbeat- धमकाना
Alias- उर्फ़
Sabotage- बिगाड़ना
Sustenance- भरण पोषण
Dilemma- असमंजस
Reprising- दोहराये जाने वाले गीत का अंश/आवृत्ति या बदला
Verdic- फ़ैसला
Commotion- हलचल
Crafted- शिल्प कला/हस्त कला
Fragility- नाज़ुकपन
Unravelling- सुलझाना, स्पष्ट करना
Unclog- अनवरुद्ध होना, मुक्त करना
Turmoil- खलबली
Hiccup- हिचकी
Demise- इंतकाल, देहान्त
Experienced- अनुभवी
Forfeited- जब्त कर लिया
Reckoning- अनुमान
Potential- सामर्थ्य
Stagnating विकसित न होना, स्थिर होना
Fatiguing- थकान
Cult- पंथ
Pervasive- व्यापक
Dignity- प्रतिष्ठा
Lassitude- थकान
Abdication- राजत्याग
Effectuate- सम्पन्न करना
Nudge- कुहनी से छूना
Qui vive –चौकन्ना
Impervious- अप्रभावित
Expounded- समझाना
Contrary- विपरीत
Unanimous- एकमत
Like wise- वैसे ही
Owes- आभारी होना
Humanitarian- परोपकारी, मानवतावादी
Enforce- लागू करना
Disavowed- इनकार
Infallibility- अमोघत्व, अचूकता
Strive- का मुकाबला करना
Accountability- उत्तरदायित्व
Inseparable- अभिन्न
Coalescence – एकीकरण
Despair- निराशा
Fulsome- अतिशयोक्तिपूर्ण, अति
Acquiescence- सहमति

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