SL vs BAN World Cup 2023: Will both teams play wearing masks in Delhi? After Bangladesh, Sri Lanka took this big decision

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will be in Delhi. This match at Arun Jaitley Stadium is threatened. Delhi has terrible air.

SL vs BAN World Cup 2023

Delhi-NCR’s air is toxic and the AQI is alarming.Air pollution has also affected the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.The match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is scheduled for Monday, November 6, at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi, which is under threat.

Sri Lanka canceled training after Bangladesh.

Bad air prevented Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from training.Toxic smog forced Bangladeshi players to cancel training Friday.Sri Lanka’s players didn’t train on Saturday (4 November) either due to their condition.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is monitoring this.ICC spokesperson told Reuters, ‘We are assessing the situation.The ICC and BCCI prioritize team health.We monitor Delhi air quality.We’re getting expert advice to assess the situation.

Sri Lankan players emerged in masks.

A similar situation occurred during the 2017 India-Sri Lanka Test match in New Delhi.Then many players vomited on the field.Sri Lankan players wore masks in that test match.The umpire and Indian players stood on the field without masks, unlike the Sri Lankan team.Players may wear masks in the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh match.

Mumbai also has poor air quality.Joe Root: I felt like I was ‘eating air’.Indian captain Rohit Sharma addressed this.Rohit stated that everyone knows this is not ideal.Rohit worried about its effects on children.Rohit said, ‘Obviously it is important that they get a chance to live without fear.’

Poor performance by Bangladesh-Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s World Cup journey is nearing its end, while Bangladesh’s is over.Bangladesh was eliminated from the semi-finals after losing to Pakistan by 7 wickets in its last match.In contrast, India defeated Sri Lanka by 302 runs.