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The Rubik’s Cube and the Rubik’s Revenge have been combined to form the Professor’s Cube. It is made up of five rotating slices, so the Professor’s Cube is made up of 98 cubies: 8 corner cubies (each with three stickers), 36 edge cubies (2 stickers), and 54 remaining centre cubies (one sticker only).

At first glance, the Professor’s Cube appears to have a remarkable feature in common with the Rubik’s Cube: one cubie in each face, specifically the most central one, is fixed.

Cube Algorithms

Algorithms for Rubik’s nxnxn Cubes

The ‘even cube’ always has 8 corner cubies (3 possible orientations), whereas the number of edges and centres varies with n. It is not difficult to ensure that the number of centres and edges is even. The number of centre cubies isc= 6(n-2)2,(5), while the number of edges isc= 12(n-2). (6) formalised We have c=e= 24 in the special case of the Rubik’s Revenge (n= 4). It’s worth noting that in the limit case n= 2, we get a cube with no edges or centres (only corners! ), which is exactly the case of the 2 ×2×2, or Pocket Cube.

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