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The Ramayana is a very old Hindu book about Rama, who was a form of the god Vishnu. It tells the story of the good prince Rama and how he saved his wife Sita from the evil king Ravana after Ravana took her. The Ramayana is one of the oldest and most important epics in the world. It has about 24,000 verses, most of which are in the Shloka/Anustubh meter, and is split into seven parts called Khanda. The first and seventh parts were added later. It is part of the Itihasa genre, which is made up of stories about past events (purvtta) that are interspersed with teachings about what the goals of life are.

Besides Buddhist, Sikh, and Jain versions, there are also many versions of Ramayana in Indian languages. The story is also told in Cambodian (called “Reamker”), Indonesian, Filipino, Thai (called “Ramakien”), Lao, Burmese, and Malay. The Ramayana had a big impact on later Sanskrit poetry and Hindu life and culture. Its main characters were also very important to the culture of a number of Hindu and Buddhist countries in South-East Asia. The most important moral lesson it taught was the value of virtue, both in the life of a citizen and in the ideals of a state or a society that works.

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