Pakistan vs Afghanistan match, questions from former cricketers on Chennai pitch

Pakistan and Afghanistan are playing an important World Cup game today in Chennai.

After losing to India and then Australia, Pakistan’s cricket team is under a lot of stress.

Whereas Afghanistan had already pulled off a major upset by beating England, who was the current champion.

The Afghanistan team is still at the bottom of the points table, though.

When it comes to Pakistan, they’ve won two of their last four games.

However, he has lost badly in his last two games.


A lot of people didn’t like the Pakistan team after they lost to India, and in their next game, Australia also beat them badly.

There is no end to the criticism of the team from former Pakistani cricketers and experts.

They have said bad things about the team’s players, their inability to perform on the spot, their fast bowlers not being able to make an impact, and their spinners giving them trouble.

Based on the numbers, it looks like Pakistan is ahead in the match against Afghanistan.

But the Chennai pitch could be a problem for Pakistan.

What took place in the game between India and Afghanistan?

It turns out that the field where Pakistan and Afghanistan play will be the same one where India played its first game against Australia.

Indian played their first World Cup game today.

They won the toss and chose to bat first in this match in Chennai.


The Australian team scored 199 runs before they were out because he kept losing wickets.

Kuldeep Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja, and R Ashwin are three Indian spin bowlers who have all dismissed six Australian batsmen.

It was Jadeja who got three wickets, Kuldeep Yadav who got two, and Ashwin who got one.

On the wicket that spins, Jasprit Bumrah also took two wickets.

India scored 200 runs, which was their goal. India looked like it would have no trouble with this.

Indian, on the other hand, had lost three wickets for only two runs.

Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan, and Shreyas Iyer, who were captain, went back to the pavilion without scoring any runs.

But then Virat Kohli and KL Rahul put together 165 runs to put India in a position to win.

India easily won this match in the end. This goal was reached by India with only four wickets lost.

KL He scored 97 runs, and Kohli scored 85.


What does Pakistan care about?

The game between Pakistan and Afghanistan will now take place on the same field that India and Australia played on.

Aakash Chopra asked former Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Akhtar what would happen on the Chennai pitch that turns around on a Sunday TV show.

So Shoaib said that the pitch that spins can be bad for Pakistan.

Part of the problem is that Pakistan doesn’t have enough good spin bowlers, but Afghanistan does have a lot of them.

Mujib-ur-Rehman is also with Afghanistan, along with Rashid Khan.

When the pitch takes spin, both players can be very dangerous.

During the TV show, Shoaib Akhtar said with a laugh, “You people are playing Pakistan on this pitch on purpose.”

Mohammad Hafeez, a former Pakistani cricket player, has also said bad things about the Chennai pitch.

He said on TV that the field that was used in the first game between Australia and India is still not being used today. It is being kept for work.

He told you that you would know what kind of field Pakistan’s game would be played on when it comes around.

Through gestures, Mohammad Hafeez also asked the ICC and BCCI about the pitch.


Someone who used to play cricket for Pakistan called Rameez Raja said that Afghanistan has the upper hand in this match.

He said that Pakistan has a hard time playing against spin while Afghanistan has three great spin bowlers.

A lot of sweat was seen coming off Shadab Khan’s body during Sunday net practice in Chennai.

People think that Pakistan can also give three spinners a chance because of the way the pitch is in Chennai.

Pakistan’s journey so far in this World Cup

In the first match, Pakistan defeated Netherlands by 81 runs.

(Pakistan- 286, Netherlands- 205)

Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka by six wickets in the second match

(Sri Lanka- 344/9, Pakistan- 345/4)

India defeated Pakistan by seven wickets in the third match.

(Pakistan- 191, India- 192/3)

Pakistan lost to Australia by 62 runs in the fourth match

(Australia- 367/9, Pakistan- 365)


Afghanistan’s journey so far in this World Cup

Bangladesh defeated Afghanistan by six wickets in the first match.

(Afghanistan- 156, Bangladesh- 158/4)

Afghanistan lost to India by eight wickets in the second match.

(Afghanistan- 272/8, India- 273/2)

Afghanistan defeated England by 69 runs in the third match.

(Afghanistan- 284, England- 215)

New Zealand defeated Afghanistan by 149 runs in the fourth match.

(New Zealand- 288/6, Afghanistan- 139)