NCERT Solutions for class 3 Mathematics Chapter-8 Who is Heavier ?

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3rd Class NCERT Maths Chapter 8 Who is Heavier ?

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Chapter 8 Who is Heavier ? covers numerous Questions and answers from all topics and sub-topics which are given below

Gur (Jaggery) and Groundnuts
1.Are the groundnuts really more than the jaggery (gur) in weight or do they just look more?
Ans. The groundnuts are not really more than the jaggery in weight but they just look more.

2.Now, guess, for which of these you need a bigger bag.
(i)1 kg popcorn or 1 kg sugar?
(ii)1 kg peas or 1 kg potatoes?
Go to the market and check if your guess is right.
Ans. (i) For 1 kg popcorn, we need a bigger bag.
(ii) For 1 kg peas, we need a bigger bag.

Pumpkin Tomato ‘Panga’
1.How many small tomatoes do you think could lift the pumpkin up?
Ans.About thirty five to forty small tomatoes are enough to lift the pumpkin up.

2.How many big mangoes can balance the pumpkin?
Ans.About twenty big mangoes may balance the pumpkin.

3.How many pumpkins can balance you on the see-saw?
Ans.About ten pumpkins can balance me on the see-saw.

4.Name some of your classmates who you think weigh.
(a)Almost the same as you.————
(b)More than you. ————
(c)Less than you.————
Ans.(a)Almost same as me: Arjun, Saurav, Swarnim.
(b)More than me: Rahul, Rakesh, Ahmad
(c)Less than me: Ramesh, Suresh, Akhilesh, Shailendra.

5.How many books can you lift on one hand keeping your arm straight?
Ans.I can lift five books on one hand; keeping my arms straight.

Yum-yum Rice
1.Help him match the things with their right amounts.
Ans. Correct amount of the things are as follows:

Activity Time
1.Make a list of things bought at your home. Find out how much of each thing is bought at one time. These things can be rice, oil, chilli powder, sugar, milk, onions, ginger, etc.
I.Guess their weigh and match
(i) Brief-case — 10 kg
(ii) Mango – — less than 1 kg
(iii) Cow — 400 kg
(iv) Elephant — more than 1000 kg
(v) Wheat — 80 kg
(vi) Puppy — 2kg
II.Guess which of the following things weigh more than 1 kg? Which ones weighs less than 1 kg?
(i) Your school bag (ii) Geometry box
(iii)A brick (iv) A big pumpkin
(v)Your pair of slippers/shoes.
Ans. Things which weigh more than 1 kg are
(i) A school bag, (ii) A brick (iii) A pumpkin.
Things which weigh less than 1 kg
(i) Geometry box (ii) Slipper/shoes.

1.Bring a balance and a 1 kg weight to class. Check if your guess was right.
Ans. On checking by a balance, I found my guess was correct.

2.Use your balance to find which of the following is heavier:
(i)A water bottle or a cricket ball.
(ii)Your shoes or your pencil box.
(iii)Your Maths book or your Hindi book.
(iv)Your bag or your friend’s bag.
Ans. (i) A cricket ball is heavier than water bottle.
(ii)My shoes are heavier than my pencil box.
(iii)My Maths book is heavier than my Hindi book.
(iv)My bag is heavier than that of my friend.

3.Make a list of:
(i)Things weigh less than half kg.
(ii)Things weigh more than half kg.
Ans. (i)Things weigh less than half kg are:
Socks, watch, belt, spectacles, slipper, gloves, etc.
(ii)Things weigh more than half kg are:
Fan, chair, table, cot, television, etc.

Look for Weights and Balances
1.Make a trip to your nearest junk dealer, vegetable shop and grocery shop. Have a look at the weights they use. Find out:
(i)Who uses the biggest weight?
(ii)Who uses the smallest weight?
Ans.(i) A junk dealer uses the biggest weight.
(ii) The smallest weight is used in a grocery shop.

2.Have you seen any of these balances?
Ans. I have seen each type of these balances.

3.In which shop would you find the following types of weights? Discuss with your friends.
Ans. I have seen such weights in stores which sell grains.