NCERT Solutions for class 3 Mathematics Chapter-4 Long and Short

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths Chapter 4 Long and Short provided here is extremely helpful in revising complete syllabus and getting a strong base on it. NCERT 3rd Class Maths Long and Short all questions are solved with detailed explanation available for students. In this article we had given of NCERT solutions for Long and Short Class 3 Maths step by step solution for each and every question of the chapter. These solutions will also help you with your homework. Best teachers across the India created NCERT solutions for Class 3 Maths Chapter 4 Long and Short according to curriculum and pattern of syllabus as per guidelines of NCERT (CBSE) Books.

3rd Class NCERT Maths Chapter 4 Long and Short

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Chapter 4 Long and Short covers numerous Questions and answers from all topics and sub-topics which are given below

1.Measure your arm and your mother’s arm. What is the difference?
Ans. My mother’s arm is longer than that of mine.

How Many?
1.In how many steps will Doiji cross the road?
Ans. Doiji may cross the road in five steps.

2.How many cups can be placed in a line on this table? “
Ans. Ten cups can be placed in a line on this table.

3.How many pots can be placed to reach the tree branch?
Ans. Five pots can be placed to reach the tree branch.

4.How many shirts can be hung on this wire?
Ans. Four shirts can be hung on this wire.

How Much is a Centimetre (cm)?
(i)The matchstick is 4 centimetres long.
(ii) A die is 1 centimetre from every side.
(iii) The lizard is 13 centimetres long.
(iv)The leaf is 4 centimetres long.
(v)The wax colour is 7 centimetres long.
(vi)Now, look at a scale that you find in a geometry box. How many centimeters
does it have?
Ans. 15.
The small scale that you mostly use in school is like this one.
Is it easier to start measuring from ‘O’ mark? Look at the things drawn near the scale and find out their lengths.

2.What are the little lines on the scale used for?
Ans. The little lines on the scale are used to measure short objects.

3.Look for things that are
(i)About 10 cm long.
(ii) Between 10 to 20 cm long.
(iii) Less than 1 cm long.
Ans. The list of things having lengths:
(i)About 10 cm Eire:
Screw driver, Soap cake, Badge.
(ii)Between 10 to 20 cm are:
Electric iron, Spoon, Bottle.
(iii)Less than 1 cm are:
Peas, Beans, Nail.

4.Which is longer? Thumb or little finger?
Ans. Thumb is longer than little finger.

5.Think-How will you know the number of centimetres if you measure with a rope, shoe-string, thread etc.?
Ans. This can be done by first measuring with a rope, shoe string, thread, etc. and then comparing with the scale.

Gibli and the Grains
1.Ant Gibli has to reach the grains. She is looking for the shortest road. Can you tell her which is shortest?
Ans. Road B is the shortest.

2.Can you draw a road shorter than these? What is the length of that road?
Ans. Yes, I can draw a road shorter than these. A straight road from ant to the grains will be shorter than these roads. You can measure the length of this road.

Centimetres or Metres?
1.Which of these will be in centimetres and which will be in metres?
(i)Width of computer screen. (ii) Length of pagdi worn by Sikhs.
(iii)Height of a one year old child (iv)Length of a banana.
(v)Waist of an elephant. (vi)Height of a sugarcane.
(vii)Depth of a well. (viii) Height of your mother.
(ix)Distance From school to home (x) Lenght of your father’s arm
Ans. (i) Centimetres (ii) metres (iii) centimetres
(v) metres (vi) metres (vii) metres
(viii) metres (ix) centimetres (x)Centimeters

Trip to Agra
Marie and Baichung are going with their family to Agra. They get down at Agra Cantt. Railway Station and take a rickshaw to Taj Mahal. After 3 hours, they start for Agra Fort, again in a rickshaw. In the afternoon they take a bus to go to Fatehpur Sikri.
1.Now look at the distances between these places (for kilometres we write km).
•Agra Cantt. Railway Station to Taj Mahal – 5 km.
•Taj Mahal to Agra Fort – 2 km.
•Agra Fort to Fatehpur Sikri – 40 km.
Now find from the map.
Which is farther from Agra Cantt. Railway Station-Taj Mahal or Fatehpur Sikri?
Ans. Fatehpur Sikri is farther from Agra Cantt.
2.Which of these is nearer to the railway line?
(i)Babarpur forest or Taj Forest?
(ii)Agra Fort or Taj forest?
Ans. (i) Babarpur forest.
(ii)Agra Fort.
3.Which is nearer to the river Yamuna?
Ans. Taj Mahal.

The Long Tail Competition
1.The animals in the picture had a competition. The animal who had the longest tail won a prize. Now who do you think won the first prize and who won the second? Just guess the length of the longest tail.
Ans. Monkey won the first prize and cow won the second prize. Monkey’s tail is the longest and is about 1 metre long.