NCERT Solutions for class 3 Mathematics Chapter-1 Where To Look From?

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths Chapter 1 Where To Look From provided here is extremely helpful in revising complete syllabus and getting a strong base on it. NCERT 3rd Class Maths Where To Look From all questions are solved with detailed explanation available for students. In this article we had given of NCERT solutions for Where To Look From Class 3 Maths step by step solution for each and every question of the chapter. These solutions will also help you with your homework. Best teachers across the India created NCERT solutions for Class 3 Maths Chapter 1 Where To Look From according to curriculum and pattern of syllabus as per guidelines of NCERT (CBSE) Books.

3rd Class NCERT Maths Chapter 1 Where To Look From

Name of Organization NCERT
Name of Class 3rd Class
Name of Subject Maths
Name of Chapter Chapter 1
Name of Content Where To Look From
Name of Category NCERT Solutions
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Chapter 1 Where To Look From covers numerous Questions and answers from all topics and sub-topics which are given below

1.Have you looked at things from different sides? Do they look the sdme or different?
Ans. Yes, I looked at things from different sides. They look different from different sides.

2.Look at the pictures drawn here. How does the table look from the side? Which picture is from the top?
Ans.The table looks like the first picture when seen from the side. It looks like the second picture when seen from the top.

3.Some pictures are drawn below. Imagine how these things will look if seen from the top.
Ans.Yes, they will look like this, when seen from the top.

Practice Time
(A)A cat is peeping into a classroom. Can you help her find out where the teacher is?
Ans. The teacher is sitting on the chair. She is opposite to students.
(B)Here are some pictures. Find out from where you have to look to see the things this way.
Ans. (i) From side (ii) From top (iii) From top
(iv)From side (v) From top (vi) From side
(C)Draw top views of a few things and ask your friends to guess what they Eire.
Ans. Top views of some of the things are given below:

1.Have you ever made a rangoli?
Ans. Yes, I have made simple rEuigoli during diwali.

2.On the dot grid given below, draw the following:
(a)A kite (b) A leaf (c) A flower (d)A boat’ (e)A star (f) A pot.
Ans. Some of the designs are given below:

Tit for Tat
1.The painter had made many such pictures in which he drew only one half of the things. Draw the other half of these pictures and find out what these things are. Try doing it with a mirror.
Ans.On completing the drawing, these will look like following: butterfly, lamp (diya), cat, star and fish.

2.Can we repeat the painter’s trick, while drawing pictures of the following?
Ans. No, for these drawings we cannot repeat the painter’s trick.

3.If you ask the painter to draw things which cannot be divided into two similar mirror halves, then he cannot play the trick. Draw three more such things which do not have similar mirror halves.
Ans. Some of such drawings are given below:

Mirror Halves
1.Look at the pictures given below. Does the dotted line divide each picture into two similar mirror halves?
Ans. 1.Yes 2.Yes 3.No 4.No
5.Yes 6.No 7.Yes 8. Yes
9.No 10.No 11.Yes 12.Yes
13.Yes 14.Yes 15.No 16.Yes

2.Give some more examples:

3.Can you guess these letters from their halves?
Ans. The letters are as follows;
A,C, H, U, B and K

4.Guess the words by looking at their halves.
Ans.We can make following words from their halves: COOKED RICE