‘Look at his own character,’ Shahid Afridi says of Danish Kaneria

He called Afridi a “liar,” “manipulator,” and “characterless guy” and accused him of mistreating him during his playing days.

In the wake of Danish Kaneria’s accusations against him, former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has retaliated. As a player, Kaneria had accused Afridi of mistreating him, describing him as a “liar,” a “manipulator,” and a “characterless guy” who didn’t want Kaneria in the Pakistani team. He also said that Afridi targeted him for his faith and religious beliefs and forced him to convert to Islam.

Rubbishing the assertions, Afridi has said that at that time, he was himself only understanding what religion meant, while adding that Kaneria “was like my younger brother”. He even questioned the motives of Kaneria, alleging that the claims were made solely “to obtain cheap fame and generate money”.

Afridi was reported by thenews.com.pk as adding, “And the one saying all this, look at his own character.” For many years, I played with Kaneria in the department as if he were my younger brother.

At the time, Afridi questioned Kaneria’s reluctance to acknowledge the incident. “If my attitude was poor, why didn’t he complain to the Pakistan Cricket Board or the department he was playing for?” he said. Because of his religious ideas, he is giving interviews to our adversary country.

Shahid Afridi did not want me in Pakistan team: Danish Kaneria

Afridi was against my inclusion in the Pakistan squad: Prior to the incident in question, Danish Kaneria Kaneria had stated that Afridi had “provoked” other members of the Pakistan national team against him because he was “jealous.”

Because he didn’t want me on the squad. he was a liar, a manipulator, and a charlatan because of his lack of character My sole emphasis at the time was on cricket, so I was oblivious to all of these strategies. Afridi was the only player who would approach other players and instigate them against me. He was envious of my success because he thought I was better than he was. As a Pakistani, I am proud to have represented my country on the field. I was grateful,” Kaneria had remarked.

Kaneria was a leg-spinner who took 261 wickets in Pakistan’s 61 Tests. He also appeared in 18 one-day internationals, taking 15 wickets. In 2009, he was accused of spot-fixing in English County Championship pro-league matches and was banned by the ECB.