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John Rawls Theory of Justice

John Rawls Justice theory: a Theory of Justice is a 1971 work by the philosopher John Rawls on political philosophy and ethics which seeks to offer an alternative moral theory to utilitarianism and to handle the issue of distributive justice.

Rawls argued in A Theory of Justice for a principle of reconciliation of freedom and fairness, which is intended for the fundamental framework of a well-ordered society.

John Rawls Theory of Justice

A Theory of Justice – Overview, How It Works, Principles

A theory of justice was first published in 1971 and revised in 1975, while translated editions were produced in the 1990s and further revised in 1999. Rawls published in 2001 a follow-up research called Justice as Fairness: A Recovery. The first edition was published again in 2004.

Rawls argues that two principles of justice are the most rational choice for the parties in the original position: the first guarantees equal freedom and fundamental rights necessary to secure the fundamental interests of free and equal citizens, and the pursuit of a wide range of conceptions of the good.

Our legal system aims to reflect three principles: equality, fairness and access.


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