ICC World Cup 2023 – Pak vs SA – Mickey gave another reason for Pakistan’s worst performance.

Pakistan team director Mickey Arthur needs no introduction to cricket lovers. Especially the day after the India-Pakistan match, whatever paper you see, it’s mind-boggling. Arthur, who made key comments about that match, became the talk of the nation. Mickey has got another reason for Pakistan’s performance in the recent World Cup.

Pakistan is facing severe criticism from former cricketers and fans on the Pakistan team’s performance in the ODI World Cup. Maki cricketers are furious with Babar Azam’s team as they depend on other teams for semis chances. At the same time, Pakistan team director Mickey Arthur’s comments are also being trolled.

ICC World Cup 2023

After losing to Team India in the match held in Ahmedabad, Arthur’s comments were criticized at that time. Mickey Arthur commented at that time that the entire match was like a BCCI event rather than an ICC event. He tried to make excuses saying that Dil Dil did not play Pakistan’s song in the match and that was also the reason for their defeat. Memes and trolls came heavily on Arthur’s words.

But now again Mickey Arthur has made such comments.. Arthur believes that heavy security is also affecting Pakistan’s performance. Ahead of the match against New Zealand, Mickey Arthur commented that the tight security arrangements around the players are also affecting their team. Arthur said that the players are not able to feel free because of the large number of security personnel around. He said that they are not able to go out and have fun.. This is not strengthening the bond between the players.

Mickey Arthur said that many of the players in the Pakistan team have come to India for the first time. They are very curious to go out and see.
“The difficult thing is… we are all under heavy security. We are surrounded by security. To be honest, I find it very difficult. It seems like we have gone back to the time of Covid. Back then we were all confined to one floor and one room. It is a very difficult thing”. Arthur commented.

On the other hand, Mickey Arthur believes that not playing in the IPL is also a reason for Pakistan’s performance in the World Cup. He said that most of the players from other teams got the chance to play in IPL. Therefore, he believes that they have a good understanding of Indian pitches and conditions. Mickey Arthur said that Pakistani players do not have a proper understanding of the conditions here as they do not get the chance to play in the IPL.