How to Get Free Netflix Account in 2023 (Working)

This post will explain How to Get Free Netflix Account in 2023. iPhone, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and other smart devices can stream Netflix for free or cheap using the tricks below.

Netflix had another record quarter with 220 million subscribers. Netflix’s rapid growth isn’t surprising. Squid Games, The Red Notice, and The Queen’s Gambit keep subscribers engaged and attract new users. Read on to get a Netflix subscription for free or cheap.

Netflix Free Trial?

US Netflix had a 30-day free trial. Netflix no longer needs a free trial for new signups due to positive word of mouth.

The company also removed the free first episode of selected shows.

Netflix Cancelled Free Trial—Why?

New users can try most media platforms for free. The goal is to let new users test content quality, streaming options, and cross-platform availability for free before asking them to upgrade to a paid plan.

Some subscribers abused the system. They used multiple email addresses for free trials. Netflix’s free trial wasn’t for that.

Netflix no longer needs free trials to grow. Squid Games or a Dwayne Johnson movie can draw paid users.

T-“Netflix Mobile’s on Us” plan lets US users watch their favorite shows and movies for free.

T-Mobile Free Netflix Account

T-Mobile partnered with Netflix to offer free Netflix to select customers. The offer is only for selected people.

If you choose a plan without a credit check or prepaid plan, the free Netflix deal will end.

Follow the steps below to obtain T-free Mobile’s Netflix service.

1. Join T-Mobile One.

2. Avoid prepaid or no-credit-check plans.

3. Add a line to your plan. Free Netflix requires two lines.

4. Enable Netflix on Us.

5. Follow T-Mobile instructions after confirmation.

Kenyan Netflix Free Trial.

Kenyan Android users get Netflix free. The free Netflix plan is available to country residents and visitors.

Start with a new email and an Android phone. No credit card is needed. Kenyan users will rejoice. Free personalized Netflix without ads.

With popular titles, Netflix Kenya should be fine. Kenyan residents only. Netflix algorithms blocked my VPN enrollment for the same offer.

Free Netflix registration is simple. Download Netflix for Android and sign up with a new email address. Click “start a free plan” and follow the directions.

Watch Netflix for $2/Month

Let’s discuss Netflix’s main $2-per-month trick. Netflix lowers plan prices in some countries based on content library, geography, economy, and purchase power.

Netflix’s Basic plan costs $13 in Switzerland and $9 in the US. India, Brazil, and Turkey can’t pay Netflix’s prices. This price won’t sell.

Netflix lowers prices in different markets because it must. In Turkey, Netflix Basic costs 26.99 TL ($2) per month. This is much cheaper than US Netflix Basic ($8.99).

Netflix Turkey doesn’t sell the $2 Basic plan for obvious reasons. To get Netflix cheaper, use a VPN like ExpressVPN to change your IP address and connect to a Turkish server.

I’ll walk you through using a gift card in the steps below. I’ll also explain redemption. You can get a Netflix account for $2 in a few minutes.

1. Register for ExpressVPN here. Don’t worry about pricing. 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Sign into ExpressVPN on your PC or Mac.

3. Use a Turkish server.

4. Search for a Netflix gift card on the MTC Game website.

5. Choose Turkish Lira from the currency filter. Netflix only accepts local currency for account creation.

Two gift cards are available. TRY 89.99 (approximately $8.5).

7. Go to payments and add the gift card.

8. Add multiple payment options. Buy the gift card with Visa/Mastercard, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

9. MTC Game will email a gift card after payment. Gift cards may arrive in your inbox after several hours.

10. Open Netflix Turkey on Google. Connect ExpressVPN to Turkey.

11. Create a new email and password on the next screen.

12. Choose Netflix Basic and continue.

13. Choose Gift Code for payment.

14. Netflix will ask you to redeem your MTC Game Gift Card via email. Enter the code and click Redeem Gift Code below.

15. Your Netflix membership begins with 75TL added to your account.

16. Log into Netflix and see that the gift card paid for three months.

You reduced 3-month Netflix US Basic from $26.97 ($8.99 x 3) to $8.50 using the trick above. Nice, huh?

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day refund if you cancel. Keep using the VPN app. It will lower Netflix prices and unblock all Netflix libraries worldwide.

VPNs unlock cheap IPTV and free streaming apps. Such options let you watch content for free or cheap.

Cheap Netflix Alternatives

The T-Mobile plan is appealing, but not for everyone in the US. T-Mobile, the third-largest mobile carrier, may not cover your area. You like AT&T or Verizon.

Switching carriers for free Netflix is pointless. T-Mobile may also drop Netflix altogether.

I like the $2 Netflix basic plan option. If not, here are some cheap US Netflix options.

1. Netflix Account Sharing

The most common Netflix cost-cutting method. Monthly Netflix Premium costs $17.99. You can watch Netflix on four screens. Sharing costs $5 per month.

Netflix offers personalized feeds to multi-profile users. Most friends and family do this to save money.

2. Netflix Gift Card

Another popular Netflix hack. Netflix gift cards and promo codes can extend your account for a while., MTC Game,, and Slickdeals sell Netflix gift cards. Most websites have comments. Check reviews before continuing.

Netflix gift card redemption is simple. Netflix account settings are available online.

Redeem gift cards or promo codes. Enter and redeem the code you received during purchase (usually via email).

Go to Billing Details to see your plan extended for more months.


Kenyans and T-Mobile customers get free Netflix. Not everyone will benefit. My $2 Netflix trick works for everyone. As shown in the screenshots, I can watch Netflix at a discount until mid-March.