How to earn money on YouTube in 2021: Steps to Getting Paid

How to earn money on YouTube through product placement in addition to having advertisements on your YouTube videos.

Many people use YouTube to pass the time when viewing pet videos, product reviews, or other people play video games. Others see it as a means of earning money.

Although being a successful YouTuber will sound appealing, you’ll need to work hard to get started, and there’s no guarantee that your efforts will pay off. Other choices should be considered if you’re trying to make a short buck. You may be able to make money on YouTube if you’re already a frequent video producer and are willing to put in the extra effort.

How to earn money on YouTube

1. How to earn money on YouTube

You must become a YouTube affiliate in order to get the money directly from the platform. There are many opportunities to benefit after you’ve done so, but you must first fulfil the following criteria to become a partner:

  • Your videos must follow the site’s promotional rules and have accumulated more than 4,000 legitimate public watch hours in the previous 12 months.
  • You must be a resident of a qualifying city.
  • You’ll need more than 1,000 people subscribers.
  • link a Google AdSense account to YouTube channel.

The more videos you have, the more easily you can meet the viewing-hours requirement. It helps to put time into preparing and development of high-quality, entertaining videos because they are more likely to get viewers. Once you’ve met the criteria, go to your profile and look under the “monetization” section to submit.

Ads, subscription perks, and features like Super Chat, which allows users to pay to get their messages highlighted during a live broadcast, are all ways for you to make money as a partner.

2. Join the Google AdSense programme.

You must link your channel to Google AdSense, the company’s advertising system, in order to be accepted as a partner. Advertisers bid for video space using AdSense based on your audience, video subject, and related keywords.

In general, you’ll be compensated based on “impressions” on videos get, which refers to the number of times anyone views or clicks on an advertisement.

Payments are made until your account balance reaches $100, so if you have a small channel, you will only be charged every few months.

3. Go to YouTube Premium.

AdSense isn’t the only way for partners to earn from YouTube. You can also upload videos to YouTube Premium, the ad-free subscription feature on the site. You’ll get a cut of the membership fees depending on how many times members watch your videos.

4. product placement and video sponsorship

Companies that are interested in your channel’s audience can sponsor your videos. Payments would most likely be made on a per-sale basis. Here are ome of affiliate marketing sites like ShareASale, ClickBank, and CJ Affiliate, and make sure you’re able to vouch for the business and goods you’re selling before signing up.

5. Sell products to audiences.

If you have goods or provide an audience-related service, let them know and connect in your videos. Ryan Kaji, the star of the children’s YouTube channel Ryan’s World, for example, sells toys, T-shirts, and other merchandise. You can need to buy supplies or find a manufacturer to sell a physical product, but you can also sell downloadables like e-books or art prints. Before you advertise your products, make sure you have a safe payment system in place.

6. Go out and meet fans in person

YouTubers will interact with their fans and sell merchandise at meetups and similar events. They’re typically better for those who have a large number of involved and committed subscribers. Those with smaller crowds may choose to avoid ticketed events and instead rely on merchandise sales. If your videos, for example, teach viewers how to draw, you might hold a free class in a nearby park and then sell your book of drawing techniques.

7. Use crowdsourcing

Crowdfunding is divided into two categories: ongoing and project-based. Recurring crowdfunding allows donors to pay a set sum on a regular basis. To transform a channel into a significant income stream, you’d want to optimise this form of funding. Viewers can be enticed to sign up by incentives such as one-on-one video calls, private lessons, or merchandise.

A project-based crowdfunding campaign is the way to go if you have a project concept that needs funding. Use sites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or Patreon to get started.

8. YouTube Monetary: Use YouTube affiliate links.

Promoting partner connections can be a huge gain for channels with in-depth tutorials and informative product reviews. If you suggest a product and a user visits your connection to purchase, for example, you can start receiving commissions. These links can be placed in the first few lines of your description and discussed in your video content about your connection.

9. Make money on YouTube with your supporters’ money

If you have created a search of loyal fans, you can help you to finance your new videos and profit from encouraging them to support your channel.

A site like Patreon makes the process of getting the content paid more seamlessly. Your fans can subscribe as little as a dollar to their favourite networks, or go home with some unique prizes from their favourite content creators.

Tipee is another programme that enables you to enjoy a combination of repeated and one-time donations.

Profit and non-profit channels use this fan-funding to keep video operations going properly for their viewers. While your content is interesting, enjoyable, or valuable, you will be surprised to learn how the floodgates of kindness open to your viewers.

10. Become an influencer of the Amazon.

The influencer programme in the Amazon is increasingly successful. This influencer programme helps you to make money through the reviews of Amazon by maximising your YouTube presence (social media in general).

You can check and suggest items after entering the programme and guide your viewers to Amazon for purchase via affiliate connections. If your viewers click through Amazon and buy, you can cut commissions – usually 8-10%.

How much money you can get on YouTube?

The short answer: it’s all about it.

How much money do you make YouTubers?

This response may be nothing, or barely anything, to thousands of YouTubers. This could be one million dollars or more a year for famous YouTubers.

It’s harder to make cash because ad sales will vary from $0.35 to $5 per view and the safe expectation is $1 for a thousand views.

Your channel’s profitability is linked to your views and your niche.How to make YouTube FAQ money.

How do I make money without advertising on YouTube?

If you don’t make a lot of money with advertising, there are many other ways to produce a channel’s revenue. Some of the best choices are available:

  • To recommend goods and receive fees, add affiliate links to your video descriptions.
  • Sell goods, t-shirts and physical items connected to an e-commerce website, such as Shopify.
  • Sell digital goods, e-books and educational courses.
  • Create your following and receive a brand YouTube support.
  • Use crowdfunding to request donations.
  • If you’re a niche expert

What is the value of 1,000 views on YouTube?

There is no definite response to the value of 1,000 views.

How many subscribers do you make money?

Based on the criteria of your YouTube Partner Program, you need 1,000 or more subscribers to monetize your channel.

Who are YouTubers with the highest pay?

Ryan’s World: Ryan Kaji ‘unboxes’ and reviews toys on his YouTube channel. A 9-year-old boy has earned more than €24 million a year in “unboxing” and reviewing YouTube toys and games.

Top 10 YouTube earners

1 Ryan Kaji, $29.5 million
2 Mr Beast (Jimmy Donaldson), $24 million
3 Dude Perfect, $23 million
4 Rhett and Link, $20 million.
5 Markiplier, $19.5 million
6 Preston Arsement, $19 million
7 Nastya, $18.5 million
8 Blippi, $17 million
9 David Dobrik, $16 million
10 Jeffree Star (Jeffrey Lynn Steininger), $15 million

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