Genshin Impact Characters List, Tier List Male-Female List

Genshin Impact Characters List: Genshin Impact, the next action role-playing game by miHoYo, features more than two dozen playable characters, with many more to come. As with any other gacha game, adding the best Genshin Impact characters to your team involves a substantial amount of luck and money. Characters are divided into multiple tiers based on their look and their varied rarity levels.

Genshin Impact Characters List

Genshin Impact is centred on a unique setting, and there are numerous characters from which to choose to construct a four-person team. The makers have differentiated the game from an MMORPG by keeping each player’s environment totally unique, even when the user has the opportunity to play with others. This free-to-play game has been released on all platforms, and the servers are now accessible to gamers. Continue reading to learn about the entire list of tiers and all the characters involved.

Genshin Impact Characters List

Here are the best Genshin Impact characters

S Ganyu, Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, Venti, Ayato, Arataki Itto, Bennett, Xingqiu, Zhongli, Albedo, Ayaka, Jean, Eula, Kazuha
A Yae Miko, Shenhe, Yun Jin, Gorou, Klee, Diluc, Kokomi, Yoimiya, Aloy, Yanfei, Mona, Tartaglia, Xiao, Diona, Sucrose, Keqing, Ningguang, Razor, Fischl, Noelle, Xiangling
B Thoma, Aloy, Barbara, Sara, Sayu, Beidou, Chongyun, Kaeya, Rosaria, Qiqi, Xinyan
C Lisa, Traveller (Electro, Anemo and Geo), Amber

In this game, players begin with a character named Traveler, from which they may select a male or female card. Currently, the most nuanced characters in the game are Diluc for DPS, Fischl for Support, Qiqi as a Healer, and Venti for Support, all of whom are ranked in the game’s top S tier. Following is a list of all the characters, their element, and their weapon.

Impact on Genshin Male and Female

In order to reroll in Genshin Impact, multiple accounts with the same login must be created. The primary means for gaining experience in this game are completing activities and utilising the abundant EXP items. Combating and defeating the numerous creatures in the game also confers a small amount of knowledge on the player’s character.

At level seven, players have a greater chance of acquiring Venti, the most powerful character in the game. Currently, he is only accessible for a limited time and can only be obtained through the purchase of Intertwined Fates currency. There is no method to obtain Intertwined Fates cash for free, but upon attaining Adventure Rank 7, the player will receive 1,600 Primogesm that may be used to purchase the currency.

Genshin Impact Characters Tier List

Approximately fifty unique playable characters are available in Genshin Impact. A small number are awarded for completing specific plot portions, including those involving the protagonist, while the majority are selected in the style of a gacha game. In addition to many types of permanent and transient needs, there are a variety of ways to earn the currency necessary to satisfy those goals.

Even if you have a considerable amount of money to invest in this game and can purchase currency with real money, you will still require a degree of luck to obtain the most important characters. Imagine you have complete access to all of the game’s characters. In order to grow your profession, it is also essential to recognise which sectors warrant your time and money.

In this list, characters are ranked based on their overall utility. However, despite the fact that even the lowest-ranked characters excel in some situations, the higher a character’s level, the bigger the number of situations in which these characters can be utilised to their full capacity. Therefore, if you’re playing First to Play, you should keep an eye out for S- and A-rank characters when you reroll.

Genshin Impact Tier List

For the S Tier

  • Diluc for DPS
  • Fischl for Support
  • Qiqi as Healer
  • Venti for Support

For the A Tier

  • Barbara as Healer
  • Chongyun for DPS
  • Jean as Healer
  • Keqing for DPS
  • Mona for DPS
  • Razor for DPS
  • Traveler (Anemo) for Support
  • Xiangling for DPS, Support
  • Xiao for DPS

For the B Tier

  • Kaeya for Support
  • Klee for DPS
  • Ningguang for DPS
  • Sucrose for Support
  • Traveler (Geo) for Support
  • Xingqiu for Support

For the C Tier

  • Beidou for DPS
  • Bennett for DPS, Support
  • Lisa for Support
  • Noelle for DPS, Healer

Frequently Requested Information –

What is the total file size of the Genshin Impact game after it has been downloaded in its entirety?

The overall download size of the game is greater than or equal to 14.4 gigabytes, making Genshin Impact one of the most resource-intensive titles in the Mobile Gaming Industry. This game features graphics and animations that are extremely realistic and immersive.

I have an iPad; is it possible to play Genshin Impact on it?

The game Genshin Impact is, in fact, playable on iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Both Android and iOS versions of Genshin Impact can be downloaded and used on mobile devices.

Where can I get the free download for the Genshin Impact game?

The Genshin Impact Game is available for free download from the Google Play Store, which can be accessed at the following URL: IN&gl=US.

What is the total number of female characters in the Genshin Impact Game?

At present time. The game features approximately 15 male characters and 30 female characters. The gender ratio is about 30:15. All of the personalities are listed up there for your perusal.


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