28 Best Free Online Movies Streaming Sites (Jan 2023)

Here is a list of the best free online movie streaming sites for any device. No registration is required.

You consider streaming the movie, but you can’t think of any free movie streaming sites.

Best Sites to Watch Free Online Movies (2023)

1. MoviesJoy

Low adannoyance
Ad-Blocker Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.

MoviesJoy streams new movies and TV shows, including those in theaters.

Easy-to-use interface. Find a movie by genre or country.

IMDB ratings can be used to find movies to watch.

Movies can be watched online without downloading or registering. Stream free movies online anytime.

It’s a top HD movie streaming site.

Search TV series by season.

Build a profile to save your favorite movies and episodes (optional)

2. FMovies

Medium ad annoyance
Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.


FMovies is a top 2023 free movie streaming site.

Its interface is elegant. The organized interface lets you quickly find movies.

The website has many categories and sorting options for browsing.

Stream free movies online without downloading or signing up. If you want movie updates and recommendations, the site lets you create a free account.


Users and movie buffs worldwide love this site because it streams TV shows. Most movies are subtitled in HD.

FMovie lets you search by genre, language, country, and release date. Send the site a request if you can’t find a movie.

3. Look Movie

Low ad annoyance
Compatible with Ad-Blockers:
Yes, VPN Compatibility
Streaming Quality: HD 1080 or higher
Website: https://lookmovie.io/

Looking for free streaming sites with high-quality content and multiple movie genres? Movie has everything.

This site has almost every movie, from new releases to classics and more.

This TV show website will spoil you. Look Movie is one of the best free movie sites to watch the latest movies.

The search filters and interface make it easy to find anything. Tags on the site help find movies quickly. Sort movies by IMDb rating and video quality.

The site offers HD movies to its growing audience.

Popular titles may be unavailable.

4. YesMovies

Low ad annoyance
Compatible with Ad-Blockers:
Yes, VPN Compatibility
Streaming Quality: HD 1080 or higher
Website: https://yesmovies.ag/

English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean HD movies? They’re at YesMovies.

The site has US, Indian, and other high-quality films. This site makes free movie streaming easy. Registration and downloading are not required.

Google-like search results and recommendations are provided.

HD movies are abundant on the website. Search for new movies and TV shows by country, genre, or IMDb rating. Request a movie if the website doesn’t have it.

The site has few ads but no popups. When you watch movies, ads and popups only appear once.

5. Online Movie Tube

Ad Annoyance:
Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.

Do you want to watch free foreign movies?

Movie Tube Online is a free online movie streaming service that lets you watch English, Chinese, and Hindi movies and TV shows without downloading them.

This is one of the best free movie streaming sites to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. It has a huge database of free and old movies.

The free movies are high-quality. No registration is needed to watch free movies.

MovieTubeOnline, like most free movie streaming sites, has many categories to choose from.

The site also lets you search movies by name or year. Bollywood, crime, action, war, drama, historical, horror, biography, documentary, kids, patriotic, and more can be chosen.

6. Amazon Prime

Best Netflix alternative? Amazon Prime!

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime is a top HD movie streaming site without ads.

Amazon Prime has many original films and shows.

Users flock to free streaming sites like Amazon Prime for more than just movies and TV. This streaming service offers thousands of songs, albums, and Kindle books.

Amazon Prime gives you 30 days of free movie streaming on your smart TV, smartphone, PC, or game console. Android and iOS can stream movies.

Enjoy fast online movie streaming with Amazon Prime’s 30-day free trial.

7. YoMovies

Annoyance: Extreme
Adblocker Compatibility: Partial
HD 720 streaming.

YoMovies is another top streaming site with a large selection of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and TV shows.

Watch any movie here. Free movies and shows.

This site is one of the best free online movie streaming sites because you can watch movies without downloading or registering.

Bollywood, Dual Audio, Hollywood, English Series, and other categories let you choose movies, TV shows, and other content.

Most videos are HD 720p. Some videos are 1080p.

This free movie streaming website has two servers for most movies, making streaming faster and smoother.

The streaming site’s interface is simple. Before streaming your favorite movie, you will see many ads.

8. 123Movies

Annoyance: Extreme
Adblocker Compatibility: Partial
VPN Compatibility: Selective
HD 1080 streaming.

123Movies made our list of best free movie streaming sites due to a lack of options.

Watch free movies online at this site. All genres are represented on this movie site. It lists the most popular online movies and TV shows.

It is a popular free movie website. Ads and popups plague 123Movies. Clicking multiple times may open a link. It may take 2-3 attempts to click a movie thumbnail and 5-6 to get the movie streaming.

Ad-blocker reduced popups, but not completely.

Not VPN-friendly. VPN users may struggle. Therefore, I recommend one of these other websites.

9. Yify TV

Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatible:
HD 720 streaming.

Yify TV is another free online movie service with a loyal following.

Watch movies and TV on the site. Download or stream movies. Torrent links make downloading easy.

This old website has a huge library of movies and TV shows. You can also watch free new and popular movies.

The interface is simple and minimalistic. This guarantees fast site loading.

The website has a new and old page, so you can use whichever you prefer.

Finally, you can search for a movie by name, genre, country, or IMDb rating. Find films by trending topics.

This site had few full-HD videos. Most videos may be 720p HD.

Yify TV rarely advertises. Ad-blockers make them almost invisible.

10. SolarMovie

Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.

SolarMovie is one of the best free movie streaming sites because it has few ads. This site has only one or two popups, unlike most.

SolarMovies has many HD videos.

  • Genre and country filters let you find movies. Its film information is impressive.
  • You can easily request a movie if it’s not on this site.
  • Best online movie streaming
    These features made SolarMovie my top video streaming site.
  • A few clicks start streaming. The site also displays movie and TV trailers.

11. Public Domain BitTorrent Files

Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.

No streaming on Public Domain Torrents. You can only torrent movies and shows.

Public Domain Torrents hosts thousands of public domain movies and TV shows, so I’m featuring it on my free online video streaming sites.

All content is public domain and copyright-free. Visitors and hobbyists are safe on Public Domain Torrents.

This site requires BitTorrent to download content.

The site has action, animation, comedy, war, adventure, mystery, drama, and romance films!

12. TorHD

Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.

TorHD is another great free movie website.

TorHD is a great free movie website because it has everything.

Content isn’t hosted here. Third-party platforms distribute content.

TorHD does not stream content online. Downloading is the only way to watch the videos.

The only issue is clickbait ads. Be careful or use a VPN with an ad blocker.

One of 2023’s top free movie websites, TorHD, offers free content.

13. Putlocker

Medium ad annoyance
Ad-Blocker Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.

Looking for free movie streaming sites? OK!

Watch movies on Putlocker without registering. It’s a popular movie site worldwide.

Putlocker does not host these films. Third-party sites host them.

The site has a cool interface. Trending movies and IMDb content are available.

Check the thumbnails for movie plots, video quality, and IMDb ratings.

The website also streams movies seamlessly on smartphones, computers, tablets, and smart TVs!

For intriguing and popular movies, bookmark Putlocker. See also the best Putlocker alternatives.

14. Sony Crackle

Ad-Blocker Compatibility: Not Needed
VPN Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.
Website: https://www.crackle.com/

Sony Entertainment-run streaming websites will have great content.

You’ll love Sony Crackle’s content. Crackle’s free movies are intriguing. Action, horror, sci-fi, adventure, and sports are featured.

Sony Crackle is region-locked. VPNs can change your IP address to a location where it’s available.

Most movies that are found online will be found here, in addition to TV series and original programming.

Sony Crackle can stream free movies on PlayStation, Xbox, Google TV, Android, iOS, Sony Blu-ray Disc Player, Samsung Blu-ray Player, and more.

So, movie buffs, use your browser or app to explore Sony Crackle today and experience another streaming dimension.

Crackle is available on FireStick, too.

15. Roku

Ad-Blocker Compatibility: Not Needed
HD 1080 streaming.

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Roku Channel, another great site for streaming free movies.

You could only watch TV series on Roku before. However, you can now watch paid and free movies and TV shows online.

This site has high-quality, legal, and updated content.

Roku Channel is a great addition to free online movie streaming sites.

16. TubiTV

Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatible:
HD 1080 streaming.

Still want high-definition movies and TV shows?

Tubi TV is one of the best free online movie streaming sites with over 7,000 movies and TV shows.

Movie fans don’t have to register to stream this site’s content. Users can watch Tubi TV’s content for free.

Web browsers, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Apple TV, and Samsung and Sony smart TVs can stream Tubi TV for free.

This streaming platform has few ads and popups. Using a VPN with an ad blocker will eliminate these.

Visit Tubi TV to see this amazing movie streaming website.

Get Tubi TV on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

17. Hulu

Ad-Blocker Compatibility: Not Needed
VPN Compatibility: Yes
HD 1080 streaming.
Website: http://www.hulu.com/

Its movie library is huge. Watch thousands of high-quality American movies and TV shows online here. NBC, Fox, and ABC run the website.

Hulu isn’t free, but it offers a free trial. A basic Hulu subscription includes ads, while a more expensive plan removes them. New release notifications are available either way.

Unfortunately, only US residents can access the Hulu library. With a VPN, non-Americans can access the site!

Visit Hulu today to watch premium movies and shows. Non-US residents should use a VPN.

18. Vumoo

Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatible:
Streaming Quality: Upto HD 720

If other film streaming sites have libraries, then Vumoo is a cathedral of movies. Its collection of movies is massive.

It has over 60,000 films, and the number keeps rising daily. You’ll watch plenty of movies. The website features both new and old films.

Another thing that distinguishes Vumoo from other movie sites is its crisp and cool design. Plus, the movies are hosted on fast streaming servers, and the ads are minimal and not intrusive.

Genres, actors, and titles are searchable. The films are top quality. A synopsis, release year, and stream quality appear when you click on a film.

Go see Vumoo for yourself and enjoy streaming movies for free.

19. YouTube

YouTube goes beyond video streaming. The streaming giant lets you watch movies for free.

Whether you’re accessing YouTube with a web browser or the app, you can be sure to have an immersive experience and get lots of engaging recommendations based on the content you view.

Using a VPN with an ad blocker to watch movies on YouTube is another benefit.

YouTube, however, does not exclusively host movies. Funny videos, skits, motivational videos, self-help videos, and more are available here.

It doesn’t have search filters because it’s not just for movies. Movies cannot be searched by country, release year, or genre on YouTube.

So if you want the feeling of a real movie streaming site, you’re better off using the other free movie sites on this list.

That said, browse YouTube to enjoy fun, interesting, and motivational videos.

20. PopcornFlix

Ad-Blocker Compatibility: No
VPN Compatibility: Yes
Streaming Quality: Upto HD 1080
Website: http://popcornflix.com/

Popcornflix is another popular name in the online movie streaming world. Popcornflix has a huge movie library for your me-time.

You can find old and recent high-quality titles here. Popcornflix also provides enough details for you to determine if a movie is worth your time.

The website is straightforward. Disable your ad blocker to download or watch movies. In regions where this website is blocked, you’ll need a VPN to access it.

So, want to eat popcorn and stream movies at home rather than visit the big screen? Visit Popcornflix.

Stream some cool movies on Popcornflix!

21. Pluto TV

PlutoTV for free movie streaming

Pluto TV transcends the services most online movie streaming websites deliver. This site streams live TV.

That’s because you don’t only get to watch films—you’ll also get to watch hundreds of free TV channels.

So if you’re the kind of person who’s always on the go and doesn’t have much time to watch TV, Pluto TV is definitely a smart alternative to consider.

This streaming network offers news, documentaries, and sports.

If you’re still in doubt, the website is free for everyone. Yes, free! Pluto TV works well without cable.

The user interface has been fashioned to look and feel like an everyday television. The website has also made it possible for visitors to scroll through a list of channels.

Stop missing live news. Pluto TV offers your favorite channels and videos.

You can also install Pluto TV on Amazon FireStick.

22. SpaceMov

Ad Annoyance: Low
Ad-Blocker Compatibility: Yes
VPN Compatible:
Streaming Quality: Upto HD 720

SpaceMov is another free movie website that offers a decent collection of content (including movies and shows) (including movies and shows).

Despite being free, SpaceMov doesn’t bother you with ads or popups. You may encounter a couple of them here and there but nothing intrusive.

The website works with ad-blockers as well as VPN. However, I only found streams in up to 720p. Full HD streams may not be available.

23. TV Peacock

Ad-Blocker Compatibility: Yes
VPN Compatibility: Yes
Streaming Quality: Upto HD 1080
Website: https://www.peacocktv.com/

Peacock TV is an American over-the-top content delivery platform owned by Comcast.

It is a legitimate/official streaming service.

Peacock TV has tons of movies and TV shows.

You can watch your favorite videos in a browser on a computer or download apps for Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, and more.

Peacock TV is currently available only in the USA. If you live anywhere else, you can use a VPN to stream content.

24. MovieStars

Ad Annoyance: High
Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatibility: Yes
Streaming Quality: Upto HD 1080

MovieStars contains a decent library of content. It is a third-party service and hence it is advisable that you use a VPN with it.

This service is ad-supported. You will encounter plenty of popups and redirects upon clicking links.

Popups will increase without an ad-blocker. However, with ad-blocker, you can reduce them considerably.

Most movies and shows are here, but some may not play.

25. StreamM4U

Ad-Blocker Compatible:
Streaming Quality: Upto HD 1080

StreamM4U is one of the popular free movie streaming sites and it offers a solid collection of online movies and TV shows.

This site streams 1080p HD content. It has almost any movie or show.

Even without an ad-blocker, it has few ads and popups.

However, it did not work with ExpressVPN and Surfshark even after trying multiple servers and locations. Therefore, there is a risk it might expose your IP address to anyone who might be monitoring your online activities.

It is recommended that you stream only from the websites that work with a VPN to avoid any hassles in the future.

26. Xumo TV

Ad Annoyance: Very Low
Ad-Blocker Compatibility: Yes
VPN Compatibility: Yes
Streaming Quality: Upto HD 1080
Website: https://xumo.tv

Xumo TV is another over-the-top streaming service that offers free movies and shows.

Xumo TV was founded in 2011 and is now owned by Comcast.

It is a legitimate service with tons of content for hours of viewing.

This service is currently available only in the USA. A VPN lets you watch it anywhere.

27. Flixtor

Ad Annoyance: None
Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatibility: Yes
HD 720 streaming.
Website: https://flixtor.to/home

Flixtor is a free streaming site with tons of movies and shows in various genres.

Ad-free. However, there is a catch. You can watch free movies and shows up to 6 months old. Older content costs $14.95 per month.

The other drawback is that most of their content is in 720p resolution. This website has few HD videos.

This is the reason why the website is listed so far down here.

28. 123Chill

Ad Annoyance:
Ad-Blocker Compatible:
VPN Compatibility: Yes
Streaming Quality: Upto HD 1080
Website: https://123chill.to/

Another free movie streaming site is 123Chill.

You will find all the new and old movies and shows on this site.

However, the website is flooded with ads and popups. You may need to deal with a dozen popups before you start streaming your favorite content.

Thankfully, the website is compatible with ad-blocker. With ad-blocker on, you can reduce the number of popups by at least a half.

This list has other good sites with fewer ads than 123Chill.

29. WMoviesFree

This website is broken.

The best free movie streaming sites offer extras that keep viewers coming back. Users love Watch Movies Free (formerly 123GOstream).

This movie streaming site attracts movie and TV show fans who want to watch cartoons, new movies, and new TV shows.

You can also download movies and TV shows to your streaming device for free.

Finally, it’s clean and user-friendly. The website has no popups or intrusive ads.

Watch streaming your favorite movies now since they’re free.

30. Movie Flixter

This website is broken.

Movie Flixter is a top free HD movie streaming site.

This is a great movie to watch free, high-quality movies and TV shows. A user can easily find the films they’re looking for by specifying genres and other filters that are not available on other movie streaming sites.

Some of the genres available on this free online movie streaming website are musical, mystery, action, anime, adventure, family, and fantasy.

To give every user a taste of trending movies, the website also lists the most popular and newest movies for free streaming.

Another feature that makes this online movie streaming site a fan favorite is that you can watch movies and TV shows for free without ad intrusion.

Start chilling with great movies on one of the world’s best free online movie streaming sites: Movie Flixter.

31. Watch Free


Another site that ranks highly among the best free movie streaming websites is Watch Free.

It’s a popular destination for downloading free movies in HD. Plus, you can flick through lots of new and popular HD TV series on the site.

The user interface is another part of the website that most visitors love. You can easily search for movies of your choice. You can search for movies by their genres and whether they’re new releases.

This movie streaming website uses the public APIs of sites like IMDb and TheMovieDB to search for the movies its users want.

The site also uploads trailers for most of its movie uploads, in addition to further information about every movie, such as their IMDb ratings. Some movies that are exclusive to specific streaming platforms can be found on this site.


  • One of the best free streaming movie websites for watching HD movies
  • Lots of foreign movies can be found here
  • There are lots of HD television shows
  • Explore Watch Free today and enjoy your HD movie streaming experience.

32. My Download Tube

This website is broken.

My Download Tube is one of the newest free movie websites for streaming free movies.

If you’re a non-native English speaker, you can access the streaming site in some of the world’s most popular languages: German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Estonian.

The website has an engaging and clean user interface that makes it easy to search for movies based on genres and other filters.

And if you’re a freak for details, you’ll love My Download Tube. The site allows viewers to watch movie trailers and learn about movie plots, release dates, genres, casts, and more.

If there’s any movie you know your friends will be interested in watching, you can share it with them via your social media channels. Simply sign up by creating a free account.

33. mydownloadtube

This site is not only known for movies—visitors also come here to download popular games to their streaming devices.


  • Stream new movies in HD.
  • Download films for offline viewing
  • Has a clean layout that allows easy downloading of movies through your web browser
  • Provides links to other best free movie streaming sites
  • Watch PC game trailers and download the games
  • No ads, engaging interface.
  • Watch movies and download games on My Download Tube, a free online movie streaming site.

When to Use a VPN to Watch Movies Online

  • Unless you’re watching movies online on legal streaming sites, there will always be privacy and security concerns.
  • This is mostly because many of these sites are free, so it’s common for them to be funded by annoying ads and popups.
  • In the event that you stream movies online with these websites, don’t forget to use a VPN. Additionally, if your IP address is blocked by any of these streaming services because of your country of residence, a good VPN can get you unblocked.
  • A VPN is also smart to use if you’re scared of attacks on your IP address and are wary of accidentally clicking on malicious content.
  • Finally, a VPN will protect your online activities from being tracked by your internet service provider (ISP), government, and other third parties.

Get 3-months free on ExpressVPN


So there you have it: the top movie streaming websites to watch movies and TV series for free. You won’t be compromising your privacy and security when you stream or download video content through these websites.