Dhamaka Box Office Collection, OTT Release date & Platform

Dhamaka Box Office Collection: The cast and crew of the action-comedy movie are getting “massive” praise. Ravi has once again played two different parts. Check out the Dhamaka Box Office Collection, the OTT Release date and Platform, and much more about the recent release. Find out where you can watch if you missed the halls.

Dhamaka Box Office Collection

The movie “Dhamaka” was made by Trinadha Rao Nakkina. The movie, which is in Telugu, has action and also makes you laugh from time to time. Abhishek Agarwal and T G Vishwa Prasad are the people in charge of making the movie. Stars like Sree Leela and the very well-known Ravi Teja are in the movie.

According to the source, the movie does a good job of attracting attention and applause from the audience. Even though the story is still the same, the makers were provided and the plot got a new look. In the table below, you can find out how much money the movies have made at the box office so far.

Dhamaka Box Office Collection

Dhamaka Earnings 2022

The important parts of the movie were shot in Hyderabad and Spain. The movie stars Jayaram, Rao Ramesh, Ali, Tulasi, Hyper Aadi, etc. Check the list for more.

Dhamaka Box Office Collection

  • Day 1: Rs. 6,7,000,000
  • Day 2: Rs. 5,7,000,000
  • Day 3: Rs 7,000,000
  • Total Money Taken in: Rs 19,400,000,000

The filming of the movie was done in September 2022. Popular songs like “Jinthaak” and “Mass Raja” were released before the movie in August and September, respectively.

Dhamaka Cast 2022

‘Dhamaka’s’ lead is seen playing two quite contrasting roles in the movie. Both of them were able to win the heart of Pranavi, who was played by Sreeleela. She will pick someone, but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out who.

Dhamaka Cast and their roles
  • Ravi Teja as both Swami and Anand Chakravarthy
  • Sree Leela as Pranavi Reddy, Swami and Anand Chakravarthy’s love interest
  • Jayaram in movie as JP
  • Sachin Khedekar as Nanda Gopal Chakravarthy, Swami/Anand Chakravarthy’s foster father
  • Tanikella Bharani as Vasudeva Rao, Swami/Anand Chakravarthy’s biological father
  • Rao Ramesh as Ramesh Reddy, Pranavi’s father
  • Chirag Jani as Atharva, JP’s son
  • Ali
  • Praveen as Swami/Anand Chakravarthy’s friend
  • Hyper Aadi as Driver
  • Pavitra Lokesh as Devaki, Swami/Anand Chakravarthy’s foster mother
  • Tulasi as Yashoda, Swami/Anand Chakravarthy’s biological mother
  • Rajshree Nair

Dhamaka OTT Release Date

The movie “Dhamaka” came out in theaters on the 23rd, and the makers who made it will share it on OTT. We will definitely let you know when the exact OTT release dates are. When the makers announce the OTT release, the audience cheers. Around March of next year is when it will happen.

The cast will also let their fans share about the good news through social platforms. The movie’s cinematography is done by Karthik Ghattamaneni. Many people like the music, which was written by Bheems Cecerolio. There is action, dancing, comedy, and a little bit of romance in the movie.

Dhamaka OTT Platform

The movies, as you all are aware, make two entries by reading the movie on OTT platforms. This way, a much bigger audience of people can enjoy the movie. People have taken subscriptions to more than one OTT portal so that they can have a wide range to select from to watch any time they want. The ‘Dhamaka’ movie OTT platform has not been declared officially by the creators.

Though, we can assure you that soon we will be watching it on one of the many platforms options to be provided to watch. Amazon Prime, Voot, Disney Hotstar+, and Netflix are some of the OTT platforms. Any of these platforms will release the movie.

Overall, the movie got mixed reviews after it came out. The most important newspaper gave it three stars out of five. Another only got a score of 2. Some people say they feel like they’ve seen these kinds of movies before. People say it’s like having déjà vu.