Box Office Results: Argylle Stumbles Out of the Gates

According to Deadline, Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle debuted with $18 million domestically and $35M worldwide. Apple’s $200M action comedy with an all-star cast struggled with mediocre reviews and confusing trailers that never sold the premise.

Argylle is Apple’s third dud after Napoleon ($218.4M worldwide) and Killers of the Flower Moon ($156.4M), which cost over $150M to make. According to the trade, these big-budget vehicles are meant to drive traffic to Apple TV+, so it’s hard to tell how these losses affect the studio. Success in this way is unsustainable.

Argylle is Vaughn’s second box office flop after 2021’s $121M The King’s Man. His films were decent before that, but Kingsman: The Golden Circle grossed $408M worldwide.

The only other new release was Fathom Event’s fourth season of The Chosen, which debuted at $7.4M. The Beekeeper was third with $5.2M (-21%) and Wonka fourth with $4.76M (-16%).

There are no signs of improvement at the box office either. The quirky comedy Lisa Frankenstein and the thriller Out of Darkness debut this week. Sony’s Madame Web opens in two weeks, but early projections are $25-35M in its first weekend. Hollywood must survive until March 1’s Dune: Part Two, which hopefully delivers.

Top 10 box office results

1.) Argylle (App/Uni) 3,605 theaters, Fri $6.5M Sat $6.9M Sun $4.5M 3-day$18M/ Wk 1

2.) The Chosen (Fath)2,248 theaters Fri $1.75M, Sat. $2.4M Sun $1.8M 3-day $6M/Total $7.4M/Wk 1

3.) The Beekeeper (AMZ MGM) 3,277 (-60) theaters, Fri $1.3M (-28%) Sat $2.4M Sun $1.4M 3-day $5.2M (-21%), Total $49.4M/Wk 4

4.) Wonka (WB) 2,901 (-113) theaters, Fri $1M (-24%) Sat $2.2M Sun $1.47M 3-day $4.76M (-16%), Total $201.1M/Wk 8

5.) Migration (Ill/Uni) 2,830 (-140) Fri $840K (-19%) Sat $2M Sun $1.2M 3-day $4.1M (-16%), Total $106.2M/ Wk 7

6.) Mean Girls (Par) 3,107 (-437) theaters, Fri $1M (-47%) Sat $1.8M Sun $1.1M 3-day $4M (-42%), Total $66.3M/Wk 4

7.) Anyone But You (Sony) 2,619 (-266) (-43) Fri $1M (-29%) Sat $1.5M Sun $915K 3-day $3.5M (-24%),Total $76.2M/Wk 7

8.) American Fiction (AMZ MGM) 1,902 (+200) theaters, $615K (-21%) Sat $1.08M Sun $598K 3-day $2.3M (-11%), Total $15M/Wk 8

9.) Poor Things (Sea) 1,950 (-350) Fri $592K (-30%) Sat $940K Sun $596K 3-day $2.1M (-28%)/Total $28.1M/Wk 9

10.) Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (WB) 1,742 (-376) theaters, Fri $440K (-33%) Sat $955K Sun $620K 3-day $2M (-26%) /Total $120.7M/Wk 7