Abdul Razzaq compared PCB with Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai

Abdul Razzaq on Aishwarya Rai: Afridi is with Abdul Razzaq when he makes a controversial statement about her.

Abdul Razzaq criticised the Pakistan Cricket Board to the limit. Abdul Razzaq compared PCB to Aishwarya Rai, embarrassing cricket. His comment is heavily criticised…

Abdul Razzaq on Aishwarya Rai– Pakistan has exited the Cricket World Cup 2023 group stage in India. The team has returned home after a disappointing tournament. Babar Azam and the team are constantly attacked by former Pakistani cricketers. This has led to many controversial statements.

Abdul Razzaq on Aishwarya Rai

Despite this, former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq criticised the Pakistan Cricket Board to the limit. Abdul Razzaq compared PCB to Aishwarya Rai, embarrassing cricket.

Other players laughed at Razzaq’s statement, including Afridi.

Razzaq said in a programme that if you think I will marry Aishwarya Rai and have a good-natured child, it will never happen. The first step is setting clear intentions. This Razzaq statement is going viral on social media.

When Razzaq made this statement, 2009 T20 World Cup winner Shahid Afridi and others were on stage. Everyone laughed at this. While Razzaq was involved, these players also participated. This Razzaq statement was also strongly criticised by Indian Congress leader and lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

Singhvi also hid Afridi and other cricketers’ statements and laughter, saying it showed Pakistan’s poor mentality. In addition to Singhvi, Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi slammed Razzaq.The Abdul Razzaq statement said what?
Razzaq says, “I’m discussing PCB intentions.” I believed my captain, Younis Khan, was sincere while playing. He taught me courage and confidence, so Allah helped me play well for Pakistan cricket.

You can’t marry Aishwarya Rai and have a virtuous child, said Razzaq, a former Pakistani all-rounder. Make sure your intentions are clear first. Shahid Afridi, 2009 T20 World Cup winner, and others were onstage with Razzaq. Everyone laughed at this.

Including Singhvi-Arzoo, many criticised

Singhvi wrote in his post, ‘Razzaq’s indecent comment on the Indian actress and his colleagues’ laughter shows that Pakistan’s ideology is rotten, producing mentally handicapped children.’

On social media, Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi wrote, “This is our cricketers’ mentality.” Shame on Razzaq for his Aishwarya Rai comment. Sadly, Razzaq set this example.

Afridi has asked Razzaq to apologise.

The statement of former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has also arrived. Razzaq and Afridi were sitting close together in that programme and laughing at that statement. On Sama TV, Afridi said, “We were onstage yesterday during the programme. Razzaq said. What Razzaq said confused me. Laughing anyway. It occurred to me that he has a microphone and must speak.

“Everyone laughed,” Afridi said. Razzaq’s speech clip was sent to me when I got home. After hearing Razzaq say this, I laughed onstage and felt strange. To apologise to everyone, I’ll message Razzaq immediately. The joke was awful. Nothing to laugh at.

Shoaib Akhtar shamed Razzaq and Afridi.

Razzaq’s inappropriate joke or comparative statement was condemned by former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar. No woman should be mocked. People sitting near him should have spoken instead of laughing and clapping.